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Class 12 Notes

The Gardener Summary

The Gardener Summary Rudrard Kipling Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), a British poet, novelist, and the writer of short stories was born in India and set many of his writings in the Indian flavor. He was awarded by the Nobel Prize for literature in 1907. ‘The Gardener’ ends surprisingly revealing the reality …

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In Bed Summary

In Bed Summary Joan Didion ‘In Bed’, an essay by Joan Didion depicts her personal experiences with migraine headache, which she inherits from her parents. She presents something unusual about the disease in a more philosophical and meditative domain of thought. Joan spends her day in bed there almost five …

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Malini Summary

Malini Summary -Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore is a Bengali Indian poet, writer and philosopher. He was born is 1861 and died in Calcutta (now Kolkata). He is famous for his poetic works, philosophical plays, novels and short stories. The poetic play, Malini, is a story of love and hatred. It …

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