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Types of Essays

A literary Surgery

Types of Essays Essay as a form of literature is highly personal by nature because the author expresses his personal ideas and opinions on some topic. There are not strict rule of writing essays. However, every essay has its introduction, body and end. Essays are divided into different types such …

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Five fold structure of Drama

Five fold structure of Drama Dramatic structure refers to the form of drama and the way the story is told, the way the characters play their parts, and/or the way the themes are explored. It involves the overall framework or method which the playwright employs to organize the dramatic material …

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Dramatic Conventions Explained

Dramatic Conventions Explained Dramatic conventions stand for a set of rules shared by both the audience and actors. They are briefly explained below. Dialogue Dialogue is thought of the characters. It is the utterance of characters in any kind of narrative story or play. Dialogue is core to drama, for …

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Types of Drama

Types of Drama: Broadly, dramas are divided into three types: tragedy, comedy and tragicomedy. Nowadays, farce is also discussed as a kind of drama. Tragedy Cuddon (1991) defines tragedy as “a kind of protest, it is a cry of terror or complaint or rage or a anguish to and against …

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Elements of Drama

Elements of Drama: Generally, drama is a work of literature written to be performed on a stage by actors in which they take the role of characters, perform the indicated action, and utter the written dialogue. According to Jacobs (2001), drama is the art of representing the pleasure of others, …

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Conrad’s Narrative Technique in The Heart of Darkness

Conrad’s Narrative Technique in The Heart of Darkness Jung’s collective unconscious history of colonialism upon Africa Life of Conrad Some of the notions of Chinua Achebe’s “colonialist criticism” In Renaissance king Henry iv paved way from Europe to Africa. Then the Europeans slowly and gradually moved to Africa in the …

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Robinson Crusoe as a Colonial Novel

Robinson Crusoe as a Colonial Novel Characters Robinson Crusoe Friday Xury and moley (other staves with Crusoe) Crusoe sold everything along with xury to the captain of Spanish ship Spaniard – Spanish Friday (Mimic man) Colonial mission/ theme in Robinson Crusoe Robinson Crusoe as an economic man Myth symbols Importance …

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Analysis of Adam Bede

Analysis of Adam Bede main characters Adam Bede     seth Bede (brother) Hetty sorrell Dinan Morris Capatian Arthur Donnithrone   Arthur is in the Hayslope in carpentry. In his age there is the saying “work is workship” In another tenant there was payer family. Hetty and Dinah Victorian novel Social …

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