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Elements of Drama

Elements of Drama: Generally, drama is a work of literature written to be performed on a stage by actors in which they take the role of characters, perform the indicated action, and utter the written dialogue. According to Jacobs (2001), drama is the art of representing the pleasure of others, …

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Robinson Crusoe as a Colonial Novel

Robinson Crusoe as a Colonial Novel Characters Robinson Crusoe Friday Xury and moley (other staves with Crusoe) Crusoe sold everything along with xury to the captain of Spanish ship Spaniard – Spanish Friday (Mimic man) Colonial mission/ theme in Robinson Crusoe Robinson Crusoe as an economic man Myth symbols Importance …

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Analysis of Adam Bede

Analysis of Adam Bede main characters Adam Bede     seth Bede (brother) Hetty sorrell Dinan Morris Capatian Arthur Donnithrone   Arthur is in the Hayslope in carpentry. In his age there is the saying “work is workship” In another tenant there was payer family. Hetty and Dinah Victorian novel Social …

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The Scarlet Letter as a Love Story

The Scarlet Letter as a Love Story -Subjectivity and impressionalism Hester says : The bond of marriage cannot balock the love relation The spiritual love relationship should be accompanied by the physical love One should be determinant in the physical as well as spiritual love   Describe “Scarlet letter” as …

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Social Realism in The Scarlet Letter

Social Realism in The Scarlet Letter Victorian novel Written in 1850s Subject matter in taken from 1632 The setting of this novel is the puritan society of new England Hawthorne falls upon the category of American Romantic American Romanticism believes in transcendentalism The writer is writing the novel in the …

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Irony in Sense and Sensibility

Irony in Sense and Sensibility Irony is the difference between appearance and reality or in other words irony occurs if the told is untold and if the untold is told. We can find irony in the character of Edward Marianne, Willoughby, John Dashuood Characters appearance reality Edward wants luck has …

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