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Irony in Sense and Sensibility

Irony in Sense and Sensibility

  • Irony is the difference between appearance and reality or in other words irony occurs if the told is untold and if the untold is told.
  • We can find irony in the character of Edward Marianne, Willoughby, John Dashuood
Edwardwants luckhas to compromise with Elinor
Mariannewants Willoughbyhas to compromise with colonel Brandon
Willoughbywants a rich girl to lead a wealthy and happy lifethe rich girl makes his life troublesome
John DashuoodAs a family protector, he has the responsibility to protect mother and sisters.but John Doshuood causes the ousting of the mother and his sisters and are protected by the another person John Middleton

The greatest irony in the novel. Enlightenment came with the promise to give freedom to public with the freedom of the people culture industry emerged to make the life Sophisticate and wealthy. This culture industry instead of making life good rendered the life meaninglessness and mechanical. In the age of Victorianism the development of the culture industry and industrialism focusing upon the philosophy of utility is killing human happiness.

Delineation of female characters in sense

  • The female characters with senses vs sensibility
  • The characters of sense are Victorious Einor
  • The characters of sensibility are vanquished Marianne
  • The females are valued with money
  • These is the commoditization of females Mrs. Dashuood, Marianne
  • The females are used to dominate females. The proverb of “From cuts Iron”.

– Fanny is used to dominate the Dashuood’s sister

– Lucy’s sister is used to cause the misery of Elinor

  • The females are confined in the indoor activities and they are made to be engaged in the discussion of the minor affairs.
  • Discussion of family party
  • The almost setting is in the indoor location.
  • The majority of female characters are the embodiment of the sensibility and emotion. They are resented as “The docile objects to entice man”
  • The females are the superior in the case of match making where the females characters play the superior role in course of matrimonial alliances.
  • Irony in the female character Marianne.

Moral design in sense and sensibility

  • Victory of the sense over sensibility
  • One should have the capacity to control the sensation with the element of reasons or one should be in the perfect combination of the sense and sensibility.
  • To forge all the relation network in the mane of money in the symbol of the disaster on the part of human beings.
  • The overemphasis upon the money makes the human beings mechanical without emotional sensibilities where human beings become sick of modern science and civilization cannot attain the peace in their social, familial and relational network.

Elinor’s victory because of her controlling of sensational by the weapon of reason similar to the case of colonel Brandon is contrasted to the depeat of the characters of John Dashuood, Marianne Edward and Willoughby who in the persuit of money are neglecting the balance between sense and sensibility which makes them mechanical and sick of the modern science and civilization are proved to be the human beings of industrial age to be the symbol of failure of the people of money minded rationality. in doing so, Jane Austen is trying to advocate the balance between sense and sensibility which on the hand makes the human beings free from the sickness  of modern science and civilization, while on the other hand the excusive emphasis upon the mind or in the emotion will not occur in the character of the human beings.

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