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Analysis of Adam Bede

Analysis of Adam Bede

main characters

Adam Bede     seth Bede (brother)

Hetty sorrell

Dinan Morris

Capatian Arthur Donnithrone


Arthur is in the Hayslope in carpentry.

In his age there is the saying “work is workship”

In another tenant there was payer family.

Hetty and Dinah

  • Victorian novel
  • Social determinism
  • narrative technique
  • Social realism/realistic novel
  • Sequence of events
  • Rustic scene
  • Moral Design/ concern
  • Delineation of females
  • Dear Readers technique
  • narrative Sarcasm
  • Symbols
Sense and sensibilityScarlet letterAdam Bede
Victory of sense ever sensibility. Elinor, Brandon’s Victory sense Marianne, Willoughby Edwards=Sensibility.Victory of sense over sensibility. Hester Prynne is victorious because she centres her emotionality with the sense Arthur Dimmesdale is a failure due to his fault of sensibility.Victory of sense ever sensibility. The couple of Dinahmorris and Adam Bede is victorious because of the controlling of the sensibility with sense of the couple of Hetty sorrell and Arthur Donnithrone is vanquished due to emotionality
Pre-marital love relationshipExtra-marital love relationshipPre-marital love relationship
The leading female and male character sharing conflicting ideologies.Hester sensesensesensibility


 sensibilityFemaleDinah MarisHetty
maleAdame BedeArt. Donnithrone
female heroine Elinor not the clear implication the sensuous relationship in the case of the female cheretives though in the family tour, Willoughby and Marianne  suspected to have committed sensuality but we lack the clear complicationsFemale heroin Hester

The sensuality is the cause to give the birth of Paul. Clear implication of sensuality between Dimm and Prynne is seen.

female Marianne – Dinah

The physical relationship between Arthur Donnithrne and Hetty is the cause of the birth of a child who dies immediately.

Willoughby is the main villain of the novelit is the female who rescues the male in the love

Hester tries her best to save her lover she never exposes the name of her male partner she rejected time and again not to expose the crime but the escape from the part of her lever.

She gives the birth to the child and she is bold enough to nourish the child.

a. Roger chillingworth is villin

Play drive- Hester Brynine

How a female can be victorious if she is determined in her decision.

  1. Social Determinism in the novel “Adam Bede”

Our social circumstance, our heredity and our upbringing determine our consciousness because we are the cultural construct. This cultural constructedness  guides our behaviour. This constiousness guiding our behaviour according to the social framework is according to the social termed as social deterinism.

  • In the time of victoriansim there was the popularity of the slongan”work is worship”. Adam Bede is guided by this philosophy. He is seen in his carpentry almost all the time.
  • The novel is set in such a context where the high class people and the males are safe despite their mistakes but the females and the low class people are punished not because their own mistake but because of their condition of being victomized by the mistakes of other.

Donnithrone is a man to commit the mistake and  is safe from teh mistake who after expleating Hetty sorrell vanishes from the society of Hayslope for sometime but reigns his self esteem later. But Hetty Serrell is opposed to be a criminal in the name of a n adulteress and a person to kill an infant. Almost all the loss in her personality is cussed due to the her participation mistakenly with evil person of higher social strata.

  • It is natural for the human beings to be raised in the higher strata because of the approach with the high rank social element which can be persons or social classes. Because of Adam’s chance to experience a party together with Donnithrone family and because of his upgradement to the level of supervisor, Adam feels to be a great person.

Pastoral setting in the novel “Adam Bede”

The rustic setting rustic scene

  • The novel begins with Adam Bede work in his carpentry in the village of Hayslope
  • Adam Bede’s father dies by drowning himself in the pond it is also the rustic scene
  • Arthur Donnithrone’s estate of Hallfarm.
  • The relationship between Donnithrone and Hetty sorrell where Adam punches Arthur in the jungle is also the rustic scene
  • Hetty sorrell gives birth to the child in jungle and the death of the child is also the rustic scene in the novel.

The rustic scene or the rustic setting in the novel creates us the pastoral setting where the incident of a dairy maid Hetty sorrell is exploited by the master of the hall farm, Arthur Donithrone, are the examples of ho0w this novel creates a scene of everyday life, working atmosphere and the location of the pastoral atmosphere.

Adam Bede as the Victorian Novel.

  • Search for good spouse Hetty and donnithrone
  • Search for good fortune Dinah and Adam Bede
  • Message of Chrictinity
  • Industrialism leading to mechanical life Christinity- Diah merris is a methodologist preacher. She supports Christian rules and regulation
  • She is an agent to disseminate the message of Christinity.

In the ending of the novel Dinah Morris’s act of marriage with Adam Bee is an example of a how a devout Chrictian is violation the christinity whether the novel fallows christinity or opposes christimnity, it revoues round the Christian rule and regulations to make it a Christian novel.

Industrialism leading to the mechanical existence of hume beings making them salves of money minded mentality is also another feature of Victorian utilitarianism. In this connection Adam Bede’s following of the slogan of “work is worship”, eyes on the property of Dmithronc leading to her disaster are some of the negative consequences of money minded rationality that have all around the novel.

  • Adam Bede’s father’s incapability to become a protective husband makes him denounced by his sons and his life which causes him change into the drunkard the habit which kills in the pond where he is drowned . This feature also gels with Victorian notion of how the husband’s incapable of productivity and productivity were kicked from the familial structure.

“Adam Bede” Narrative Techniques in the novle/sequence of events.

  1. Alteration of the scenes.
Hayslope carpentry of Adam Bedeto flall farm

state of the Donnithrone family where serried the major characters Hetty Sorrell and Dinah Morris

to Ireland

the army camp of Donnithene where Hetty reaches to search Donnithene

to pond

the scene where the father of Adam Bede dies by drawing

to jungle

the relationship between Hetty and Donnithrone the birth of the child and the death of the child


Jail – law

Jungle – wilderness, passion and the techings characters themselves are the symbols.

  • Arthur Donnisthrone is the symbol of Victorian aristocracy and autocracy/rake.
  • Adam Bede is the symbol of hardworking
  • Heatty Sorrell is the symbol of Victorian females who are in the tragic situation due to their love for money


Conflict between naive realism and Romance

Naive realismRomance
the realism of Hetty who is unaware of the treachery of Donnithrone is called naive realismRomance is related to Donnithrone in the novel. He only has the intention of romance in his so called love with Hetty Sorrell.

Delineation of females in the novel Adam Bede

The females in the novel are depicted with the conflicting ideologies, on the one hand the character of Hetty Serrell is depicted to be in capabliein the control of her emotion, the cause of whhich is the lust for money but Dinah Morris is the character like Elinor and Hesterprynne who is in the situation to control her emotions. But at last she is presented not being capable to control her emotions that is demonstrated by her decision of marriage with Adam Bede. In depicting failure of the females george celiot, what seawater calls, imitation of the male ideology is responsible. One the one hand her changing of the name, while on the other hand her action of poetic injustice upon the character of Dinah Morris and Hetty serrell are caused because of the evils of patriarchy which is still colonizing her mind.

Moral Design or moral concern in the novel “A.B”

  • victory of the reason over emotion

Dinah              Hetty

Adam              Donnithrone


  • Excessive mangesing for money is harmful for ethe human beings (in the case of sorrell)
  • In the pitch of emotion, fechings, imagination and entiments human beings forge the reason. (Dinah forgets that a Christian should not marry when Adam proposes her.
  • Life the character of Dinah Morris we should be capable to combine both feelings and reason.

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

Robert Dalton – going to visit Nerth pole

Ingolstadt (place preparing to create the female monster)

Gothic fiction

– Lack of morality

– Theme of death

– Horror and terror. Eerie setting ( dark setting)

– Supernaturalism

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