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Dramatic Conventions Explained

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Dramatic Conventions Explained

Dramatic conventions stand for a set of rules shared by both the audience and actors. They are briefly explained below.

  1. Dialogue

Dialogue is thought of the characters. It is the utterance of characters in any kind of narrative story or play. Dialogue is core to drama, for it is the dialogue delivered by characters that moves the plot and action along, provides exposition, and defines the distinct characters. The dialogue spoken by a particular character reflects his/her socio-cultural background place of origin, temperament, attitudes to other characters, and so on.

  1. Monologue

Monologue is an extended speech uttered by one speaker, either to other or as if alone. Some modern plays in which only one character speaks are known either as monodramas or as monologues.

III. Soliloquy

Soliloquy refers to a dramatic speech uttered by one character speaking aloud while alone in the stage. Basically, it is the speech by a character in a play delivered while the speaker is either alone addressing the audience directly or the other actors are silent. It is most commonly used to reversal the innermost thought of the speakers.

  1. Asides

Asides are the lines whispered to the audience or to another characters on stage or a short speech or remark spoken by a character. Abrams (1993) mentions aside as a stage device “in which a character expresses to the audience his or her thought or intention in a short speech which is inaudible to the other characters on the stage. By convention, the audience is to realize that the character’s speech is unheard by the other characters. It may be addressed to the audience explicitly or it may represent an unspoken thought.

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