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A literary Surgery

A Literary Surgery objective Questions: M.Ed. English Literary Surgery

A Literary Surgery and Pedagogical Treatment to Literature in Language Teaching: Literature in English Language Teaching


1. Literature should be used with students because:
a. It is very motivating b. It is authentic material
c. Students enjoy it and it is fun d. All of the above

2. Which of the following is true about a poem?
a. A poem involves students in the suspense of unraveling the plot
b. A poem may elicit a powerful emotional response from students
c. A poem may engage students in complicated adult dilemmas
d. None of the above

3. “Sonnetto” an Italian word for sonnet means:
a. little sound or song b. melody
c. tune d. rhyme

4. Which of the following statements is true?
a. an octave has six line stanza
b. a sestet has six line stanza
c. an octave rhymes cdecde or cdcd
d. an sestet rhymes abbaabba

5. An elegy is
a. a poem which has octave and sestet
b. a poem which describes a person, place or thing
c. a poem which is melancholic and centers on mourning for one’s loved one.
d. a poem which has a lyrical tone

6. A poem which is written in praise of a thing is called
a. a sonnet b. an elegy c. a romance d. an ode

7. A poem like a “song, transmitted orally, which tells a story” is called
a. a ballad b. an epic c. an ode d. a sonnet

8. Which of the followings is a characteristic of an epic?
a. it is a long narrative poem on a great and serious subject.
b. it is related in an elevated style.
c. it is centered on a heroic or quasi-heroic figure
d. all of the above

9. “My love is like a red red rose
That’s newly sprung in June…..”
The above liens are the example of
a. a sonnet b. an ode c. an epic d. a lyric

10. The poem “I am Becoming My Mother” was written by
a. Lorna Goodison b. Kamala Suraiyya
c. Maya Angelou d. Octavio Paz

11. Which of the following is an example of an elegy?
a. I am Becoming My Mother b. Mek Four
c. The Fisherman Mourned by His Wife d. Phenomenal Woman

12. The poem “I am Becoming My Mother” can be analyzed from
a. Marxist Criticism b. Psychoanalytic Criticism
c. Feminist Criticism d. Post-modern Criticism

13. Which of the following is a love poem?
a. Mek Four b. Introduction c. To Autumn d. Atman

14. A good example of religious poem is
a. Mek four b. Introduction c. To autumn d. Atman

15. Which of the poets is nature loving poet?
a. Kamala Suraiyya b. Robert Frost
c. John Agard d. Patrick Fernando

16. The poem ‘Introduction’ has three thematic parts
a. politics, economy and identity
b. politics, language and economy
c. love, language and identity
d. politics, language and identity

17. In ‘Memory’, the poet likes his
a. past days b. present days
c. future days d. non of them

18. In the poem, ‘The Wind of Chaitra’, the poet makes a comparison between
a. peaceful wind of Chaitra and a rebellion
b. ferocious wind of Chaitra and a rebellion
c. ferocious wind of Chaitra and a priest
d. ferocious wind of Chaitra and a politician

19. Hem Raj Acharya’s ‘The Kerosene Stove’, a poem, is considered as a proper metaphor for
a. the precious life in Nepal
b. the comfortable life in Nepal
c. the wretched life in Nepal
d. the glorious life in Nepal

20. The poem, ‘Sonnet No.5’ was written for the lamentation of
a. Jesus Christ b. Gautama Buddha
c. Tolstoy d. Mahatma Gandhi

21. ‘At the Temple’ can be well-analyzed from
a. feminist perspective b. Marxist perspective
c. psychoanalytic perspective d. all of the above

22. A drama is written
a. to be performed b. to be read
c. to be recited d. to be sung

23. The core to drama is
a. setting b. dialogue c. conflict d. characters

24. ‘Farce’ is associated with
a. poem b. story c. drama d. novel

25. Unities of drama include
a. unity of characters, plot and time
b. unity of dialogues, place and time
c. unity of conflict, dialogues and setting
d. unity of action, time and place

26. The action achieves its greater tension as it moves to a point of
a. exposition b. climax c. denouement d. resolution

27. Which of the following statements is true?
a. Melodrama is related to tragicomedy the way farce is related to comedy
b. Melodrama is related to tragedy the way farce is related to tragicomedy
c. Melodrama is related to tragedy the way farce is related to comedy
d. Melodrama is related to comedy the way farce is related to tragedy

28. Who is the main character in “Mother figure”?
a. Lucy b. Rosemary c. Terry d. Harry

29. The drama ‘The Dumb Waiter’ has absurdist quality absurdist means
a. Meaninglessness of life b. meaningfulness of life
c. fearlessness of life d. fearfulness’ of life

30. The setting of “The Dumb waiter’ is
a. an apartment b. a confined basement room
c. a balcony of a house d. a loft of a house

31. What do you find in the drama “A Raisin in the Sun”?
a. racial discrimination b. gender conflict
c. generation conflict d. all of the above

32. The dramatist, Lorraine Hansberry wrote dramas in the areas of
a. Culture b. Society c. history d. All of the above

33. “You…. you are a disgrace to your father’s memory”. Who is the speaker of this line?
a. Walter b. Benetha c. Lena d. Ruth

34. The story ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ can be best described as
a. detective story b. dark humor
c. family drama d. farce

35. ‘Cavern people’ and ‘prong people’ are described in the story.
a. Homelanding b. Lamb to the slaughter
c. The little mermaid d. Five fingers

36. The story ‘The Little Mermaid’ can be best described as
a. political story b. historic story
c. family’s story d. children’s story

37. In the story ‘Martha’, Martha’s early life was.
a. miserable b. comfortable
c. fearful d. enjoyable

38. The story ‘Martha’ is can be best described as
a. detective story b. narrative story
c. family story d. none of them

39. From which criticism the story ‘the lady in the looking glass’ can be best analyzed?
a. Marxist criticism b. feminist criticism
c. reader-response theory d. deconstructionism

40. “You playing hero. Go and live in your house by yourself”, who is the speaker of this line in the story ‘The Enemy’?
a. writer himself b. writer’s uncle
c. writer’s father d. writer’s mother

41. In ‘Vanka’, Anton Chekhov reveals
a. his sense of sorrow at man’s inhumanity to man
b. his sense of joy at man’s humanity to man
c. his sense of hope at man’s behave to man
d. all of the above

42. The story ‘Garden Party’ incorporates
a. the themes of class conflict b. the themes of childhood
c. the themes of gender conflict d. both a and b

43. The story ‘Five Fingers’ reveals
a. the ‘gothic relationship and its effects in love
b. the gothic relationship and love marriage
c. the gothic relationship and arrange marriage
d. all of the above

44. The story ‘Myself in India’ portrays
a. the history of India
b. the religious values in India
c. the socio-economic condition
d. all of the above

45. The story ‘Hem Subba Ate Pann’ shows
a. love of parents to son
b. love of father to his daughter
c. love of mother to her daughter
d. none of them

46. The story ‘Little Islands of Happiness’ deals with
a. enjoyment of life b. sorrow of life
c. facts of life d. struggle of life

47. Which of the following feature differentiates a novel from short story?
a. Novel permits a greater variety of characters
b. it has a relatively long and often complex plot (s)
c. It has multiple characters
d. All of the above

48. The novel ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ written by J.D. Salinger is
a. an account of Holden’s days after having been expelled from Pennsylvania preparatory school
b. an account of Mr. Antolini
c. an account of Mrs. Antolini
d. an account of Holden’s sister

49. The novel ‘The Bell Jar’ written by Sylvia Plath is
a. a reflection of women’s happiness
b. a reflection of men’s happiness
c. a reflection of men’s depression
d. a reflection of women’s depression

50. Which of the followings is the children’s novel?
a. The Catcher in the Rye b. The Bell Jar
c. What Katy Did d. To kill a Mockingbird

51. ‘Ulysses’ is
a. great master piece written by James Joyce
b. a story written by Joyce
c. a poem written by Joyce
d. an essay written by Joyce

52. The essay ‘In the night’ revolves around
a. the sounds of a musical band
b. the sounds of a marriage ceremony
c. the sounds that are heard by a night soil man in the night
d. the sounds of war and battle

53. The essay ‘Left for Dead’ reflects
a. the adventure of climbing Mt. Everest
b. the adventure and its risks
c. the adventure and humanity
d. all of the above

54. Which of the followings is the best example of a travelogue?
a. left for dead b. remains of the feast
c. Memoir of a Journey to an Aesthetic Shrine d. on writing

55. Plays can be used in focusing
a. conversational language b. vocabulary
c. grammatical item d. rhyme pattern

56. Which of the following activities is the pre-reading activity for teaching short story?
a. helping students to understand the plot
b. Helping students to understand the characters
c. understanding narrative point of view
d. Helping students with cultural background

57. ‘Helping students with style and language’ is
a. pre-reading activity for teaching story
b. while-reading activity for teaching story
c. Post-reading activity for teaching story
d. follow-up activity for teaching story

58. Which genre of literature can be mostly used in expanding the students’ language awareness?
a. Poem b. short story c. novel d. drama

59. Literature is used in the language classroom for
a. encouraging language acquision
b. expanding learners’ language awareness
c developing students’ interpretive ability
d. all of the above

60. The purpose of teaching literature at school level is to
a. bring fun and amusement in the class
b. help students enjoy the literary works
c. help students to enjoy the literary works and develop their language skills.
d. Help students enjoy the literary work and make critical analysis




Answer Key: 

  1. d
  2. b
  3. a
  4. b
  5. c
  6. d
  7. a
  8. d
  9. d
  10. a
  11. c
  12. c
  13. a
  14. d
  15. b
  16. d
  17. a
  18. b
  19. c
  20. d
  21. b
  22. a
  23. b
  24. c
  25. d
  26. b
  27. c
  28. a
  29. a
  30. b
  31. d
  32. d
  33. c
  34. a
  35. a
  36. d
  37. a
  38. b
  39. c
  40. d
  41. a
  42. d
  43. a
  44. d
  45. b
  46. c
  47. d
  48. a
  49. d
  50. c
  51. a
  52. c
  53. d
  54. c
  55. a
  56. d
  57. b
  58. a
  59. d
  60. c


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