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Agriculture Development Bank Exam Center 2076

Agriculture Development Bank Exam Center 2076

Agricultural Development Bank Limited was established in 1968 under the ADBN Act 1967, as successor to the cooperative Bank. The Land Reform Savings Corporation was merged with ADBN in 1973. Subsequent amendments to the Act empowered the bank to extend credit to small farmers under group liability and expand the scope of financing to promote cottage industries. The amendments also permitted the bank to engage in commercial banking activities for the mobilization of domestic resources.

The bank worked as a premier rural credit institution since its establishment, contributing substantial agricultural credit supply in the country. Rural finance has been the principal operational area of ADBN in the past. However, the bank is also involved in commercial banking operations since 1984, to provide commercial banking services.

Agricultural Development Bank has published exam center for its upcoming exam which is going to be held from 2076 Magh 4.

Agriculture Development Bank Exam Center 2076

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Agriculture Development Bank Exam 2076

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