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Nepali number to word converter

Nepali number to word converter | How to convert Nepali number to words If you’re having problem with writing a number in Nepali and write them in words as 12 is written बाह्र दशमलव शुन्य then now you’ve a solution with Ptnepali converter. It just translates any number  into word …

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WannaCry ransomware Virus attack: Gone Viral

WannaCry ransomware Virus attack WannaCry ransomware Virus is a dangerous virus, also known as Wannacrypt, wanacrypt2, wanna decryptor. It especially targets computers with Microsoft Windows operating system and demands ransom payments from $300-$600. This virus attack started on Friday, 12 May 2017 which infected more than 230,000 computers around the …

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Lenevo K6 Note Price in Nepal

Lenevo K6 Note Price in Nepal Lenevo K6 Note Smartphones has opened booking in Nepal from today. The retail price of of the Lenevo K6 Note is 29999.  For the pre-booking it will cost 28999. The following is the specification of Lenevo K6 note: GENERAL Release date September 2016 Form factor Touchscreen …

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