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Class 7 HPE Questions | Health Questions

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Class 7 HPE Questions | Health Questions

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 7 students. These questions will help students to practice Health and Physical Education in their own home. The Health Education section introduces the human body, nutrition,disease, drug, smoking and alcoholism, environment health, safety education and first aid. The Physical Education section comprises of physical exercises and Yoga-a way of life. The goal of this subject is to make aware of the human body and produce healthy citizens. HPE subject is no less important than any other subjects as it is also said “Health is Wealth”, the importance of the subject is on increase. Try to answer these questions on your own so that you build up confidence in HPE. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class 7 HPE Question


Level Subject Year
Lower Secondary Health and Physical Education 2077

Section A

1. What is cell? Write any two difference between animal cell and plant cell. 0.5+0.5×2=1.5

2. What is bone? Name the parts of bone? 0.5+0.5×2=1.5

3. Write any two functions of muscle. Name the three types of

muscles. 0.5×2+0.5×3=2.5

4. What do you mean by system? Write any four systems. 0.5×1+0.5×4=2.5

5. Write any one functions of following organs. 0.5×4=2

a) Mouthb) Stomach c) Lungs d) Kidney

6. What is balance diet? Write any two importance of balance

diet. 1×0.5×2=2

7. Which disease is caused by lack of iron in our food? Write any four sources of iodine.

8. Write any two deficiency of calcium? Write its any two 0.5×0.5×4=2.5

sources. 0.5×2+0.5×2=2

9. Name main sources of water with examples. 0.5×3=1.5

10. What is water pollution? Write any four preventive measures of water pollution? 1+0.5×4=3

11. What are communicable disease? Write any four non-communicable disease? 1+0.5×4=2.5

12. Write any two symptoms of following disease. 0.5×6=3

a) Measlesb) Diptheria c) Tetanus

13. What is the full form of HIV and AIDS. 2.5

Section B

1. Short Answer Questions. 2×5=10

a) Define physical education and write its importance.

b) Write any four physical exercise.

c) What are the skills of game of football?

d) What do you mean by athletics? Write any two games of athletics.

e) What is digging?

2. Long Answer Questions. 5×2=10

a) How is the game volleyball played? Describe.

b) Describe the process of ‘obstacle run’.

The End

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