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Curriculum Vitae Sample 2019 | Highly Professional CV | Manager Resume

Curriculum Vitae Sample 2019 | Highly Professional CV | Manager Resume

Dotnepal presents highly professional CV for government officials, highly profiled persons and candidates working with the INGOs and NGOs. Download and modify for your personal use.

Professional Curriculum Vitae | Sample CV Download


Curriculum Vitae


Name               :    ………., retired Joint Secretary, Govt. of Nepal

Date of Birth   :   21st August, 1950

Nationality      :   Nepali

Education        :-

  • Masters’ Degree in Public Administration, 1999, Tribhuwan University (T.U.) Public Administration Campus, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law, 1989,T.U., Prithvi Narayan College, Pokhara, Nepal
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Commerce, 1984, T.U., KTM.


Address   : Purano Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Key Qualifications:-


My job under the Ministry of Home Affairs for six (6) years gave me an insight into the public administration, development, public service delivery, and nature of quasi-judicial functions, coordination of development activities, disaster management, quality control, personnel management and improvement functions. It has helped me to have broader outlook and insight into human resource development, public service delivery, quality management, good governance, including recruitment and job description issues.

My experience at the Revenue Administration Training Centre (RATC), particularly in the areas of formulation of training programs and conducting different skill development trainings for government employees It gave me broader outlook and insight into skill development training of government employees, quality management, personnel management, report writing, including good governance issues.

The experience at the Department of Irrigation and Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, basically in the areas of programs and budget formulation, and controlling finance were relevant.

My work at District Treasury Office gave me insight into treasury management, budget disbursement, internal auditing and consolidation of revenue and budget expenditures of district level government offices.


My work at other offices helped me to have outlook into resource management, its proper utilization and fulfillment of public requirements.


My work as researcher and consultant gave me an opportunity to know more about recruitment policy, Organization and Management, Job description, performance evaluation, and quality management, including work process management, standard operating procedure, report writing and customer satisfaction and share my knowledge and experience in the respective field


Latest Involvement:

  • During 2012 and 2013 involved as researcher on Mapping of Anti-corruption and Oversight Agencies and relevant laws as per the agreement between the Transparency International-Nepal (TIN) and Research Team with a view to help the government in promoting good governance. The agencies studied were: the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, National Vigilance Centre, Special Court, Supreme Court, Public Accounts Committee, Office of the Auditor General, Office of the Attorney General, Department of Revenue Investigation, Department of Money Laundering Investigation, and Financial Information Unit of Nepal Rastra Bank. The final report has been submitted to TIN, recently.
  • During 2011 and 2012 performed internal quality assessment of various institutions as per ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and submitted reports.
  • Involved as researcher in study team for Organization Development (OD) of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office, during 2011 as per the agreement between this Metropolitan City Office and Better Nepal, NGO devoted to do research on good Governance,.
  • Involved as an expert in the study team for the Preparation of Company Administration Procedure for the Company Registrar Office, as per the agreement between Company Registrar Office, Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal and Better Nepal in 2011.
  • Involved as researcher in the study team for the Preparation of Personnel Transfer Guideline for Development Ministries, and Preparation of Guideline for the Departmental Actions of Civil Servants as per the agreement between Ministry of General Administration, Government of Nepal and Better Nepal, during 2011
  • Involved as expert in the evaluation of Minimum Conditions and Performance Measures (MCPM) as well as Quality Assurance Assessment (QAA) of Minimum Conditions and Performance Measures (MCPM) of various Local Bodies during 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 as per the agreement between the Ministry of Local Development, and INLOGOS, NGO working for local governance.
  • Involved as Management Expert for the performance evaluation of Kathmandu valley-based 20 Large Co-operatives, 12 of Kathmandu, 6 of Lalitpur and 2 of Bhaktapur as per selection by the Department of Co-operatives depending upon the agreement among the Department of Co-operatives, Government of Nepal and Better Nepal and Center for Public Policy Dialogue (CEPDP) in 2010.
  • Involved as a team leader in the study and research work for the modification and integration of Training Guidelines of training institutions under the Ministry of Industry, the Government of Nepal as per the agreement between Ministry of Industry and Better Nepal in 2010.


  • Written a book on Total Quality Management, Quality Control Circles and Kaizen included, in 2009
  • Contributed various articles to the National professional journals, magazines and National dailies on human resource management, administration and development issues, including modern quality management systems.




Name of the TrainingsYearOrganization/Place
Quality Management Systems assessment Training (UK-Based Course)2011(IRCA Reference A17110)BM TRADA/Nepal
Administration and Management Training19June-28July, 2005Nepal Administrative Staff College, Lalitpur
The National Service Training Programme (As a Part of above mentioned Administration and Management Training)5th July-12th July, 2005National Police Academy, KTM
Microsoft User Specialist Training (54 hours training course)6th August-5th September, 2001College of Software Engineering, Lalitpur, Nepal

Avoidance of Double Taxation and Negotiation Skills

April 1-13, 1998Ministry of Finance /RATC, Lalitpur
Economic Analysis of Projects22-27Nov. 1998Asian Development Bank, Economics and Development Resource Center, Kathmandu
Training Cum Workshop on ‘Grant and Loan Management1996,May 21-26Nepal Administrative Staff College, Lalitpur
Computer Training1996,4th August-9thSeptProfessional Computer System (P) Ltd Kathmandu


Employment Records (Starting from the last)

After serving about 30 years in Nepal Civil Service, I was retired in 2008 from the post of Joint Secretary, Government of Nepal.


9.1Appointed as the Chief District Officer (CDO) from Nepal Government, and worked at

Lalitpur, Bara, Kaski, Bardia, and Mahottari Districts (September 2002-August 2008)


Main Duties Performed:


  • Maintained law and order in the districts, ensuring human rights as enshrined in the constitution;
  • Conducted regulatory and supervisory functions, including quality control functions of different sectors in the districts as per legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Coordinated and maintained good relationship among GOs, NGOs, CBOs and INGOs
  • Managed natural disasters and mitigation programs;
  • Enforced state laws within the districts and performed quasi-judicial functions;
  • Prepared Citizens’ Charters as per government regulations and provided public services;
  • Managed Public Service Delivery and handled public grievances;
  • Monitored and supervised ongoing development activities/projects;
  • Took necessary steps towards prevention and control of irregularities and corruption;
  • Regulated public relation affairs and worked for good governance;
  • Performed registration of organizations and issuance of citizenship cards and passports;
  • Controlled public nuisance, alcohol, public offences, including supervision of prison;
  • Supervised international border and renovation of border pillars;
  • Supervised and protected government properties in the district;
  • Performed subjects related to Election Commission;
  • Controlled narcotics, smuggling and cross-border crime;
  • Controlled on raising public funds and managed conflict in the districts;
  • Conducted various Public Hearing and Mobile Service Campaigns within the districts;
  • Organized and /or participated in Trans-Border Security Meetings among adjoining districts between Nepal and India
  • Conducted and managed public ceremonies and issuance of notice for official attendance; and
  • Performed other residual functions not specified for any other Ministries and Departments, etc.


9.2 Senior Instructor, Revenue Administration Training Centre, Pulchowk Lalitpur (Sept 1997-Feb 2000)

Main Duties Performed

  • Formulated short -term and long- term training courses for government employees, including accountants working in donor assisted projects;
  • Conducted different training sessions and took classes on different aspects of administration, management and finance;
  • Organized various workshops, seminars, talk programs on different aspects of job description, management and administration;
  • Prepared different training programs and coordinated various training sessions
  • Organized different training materials and logistic support
  • Identified potential trainees and their needs and prepared training modules accordingly;
  • Initiated to conduct study and research work on burning matters of management, and administration;
  • Prepared training Guidelines and Modules for government departments and conducted training programs on request, etc.


9.3 Rest of the  appointments were Chief Finance Controller, in the Department of Irrigation and Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, (Feb 2001-May 2002 and March 1995-Sep 1997), Chief Treasury Controller, in District Treasury Offices, (May 1985 – Feb 1995) and Finance Officer, Tinau Watershed Management project, palpa; Office of theDhaulagiri Zonal Commissioner, Baglung; and FCGO, Kathmandu (Nov.1978-May 1985)


Membership in professional societies:-


  1. Secretary, Better Nepal, non-governmental organization devoted to do research on good governance.


  1. Executive Member, Network for Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness-Nepal (NQPCN), non-governmental organization devoted to quality with a vision ‘Creating Value through Quality’



  • Gaddi Aarohan Rajat Mahotsav Padak
  • Janapath Sewa Padak
  • Deergha Sewa Padak
  • Rastra Sewa Padak
  • Daibi Prakop Peedittothwar Padak
  • Prabal Gorkha Thakshinbahu
  • Suprabal Gorkha Thakshinbahu


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