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Custom Duty Airport Tax in Nepal TV: Tribhuvan International Airport TV Tariff for 2019/2020

Custom Duty Airport Tax in Nepal TV: Tribhuvan International Airport TV Tariff for 2019/2020

If you are thinking of bringing LCD, LED TV in Nepal or some other electronic devices like mobiles, laptops, and other gadgets while returning from abroad, then you must know the New rules for importing such electronic items. Many of these devices are custom duty free/tax free in arrivals. But, recently Government of Nepal, Ministry of Finance, Department of Customs has levied the custom duty charges and tax rates in Televisions. Here inform you the custom duty airport tax rates for LED/LCD/3D or Smart TV’s according to their screen size.

Custom Duty Airport Tax in TV: TIA TV Tariff for 2019/2020

Following flat amount of customs duty shall be charged (instead of customs duty, excise duty and VAT) on LCD, Plazma or LED or 3D TV imported by Nepali Travelers under the sub-section(2) of section 1 of the notification in Nepal Gazette regarding the Baggage Rules published.
LCD, LED, Plazma, 3D and Smart TV’s Airport Tax Rate in Nepal:

InchPriceDutyCustom Service TaxTotal Duty
32NPR 26,181NPR 14,400NPR 565NPR 14,965
33NPR 33,000NPR 18,150NPR 565NPR 18,715
34NPR 34,000NPR 18,700NPR 565NPR 19,265
35NPR 35,000NPR 19,250NPR 565NPR 19,815
36NPR 36,000NPR 19,800NPR 565NPR 20,365
37NPR 37,000NPR 20,350NPR 565NPR 20,915
38NPR 38,000NPR 20,900NPR 565NPR 21,465
39NPR 39,000NPR 21,450NPR 565NPR 22,015
40NPR 43,635NPR 24,000NPR 565NPR 24,565
41NPR 44,727NPR 24,600NPR 565NPR 25,165
42NPR 45,818NPR 25,200NPR 565NPR 25,765
43NPR 46,909NPR 25,800NPR 565NPR 26,365
44NPR 48,000NPR 26,400NPR 565NPR 26,965
45NPR 49,091NPR 27,000NPR 565NPR 27,565
46NPR 50,182NPR 27,600NPR 565NPR 28,165
47NPR 51,272NPR 28,200NPR 565NPR 28,765
48NPR 52,363NPR 28,800NPR 565NPR 29,365
49NPR 53,454NPR 29,400NPR 565NPR 29,965
50NPR 113,636NPR 62,500NPR 565NPR 63,065
51NPR 115,909NPR 63,750NPR 565NPR 64,315
52NPR 118,182NPR 65,000NPR 565NPR 65,565
53NPR 120,455NPR 66,250NPR 565NPR 66,815
54NPR 122,727NPR 67,500NPR 565NPR 68,065
55NPR 125,000NPR 68,750NPR 565NPR 69,315
58NPR 131,818NPR 72,500NPR 565NPR 73,065
60NPR 136,363NPR 75,000NPR 565NPR 75,565
65NPR 147,727NPR 81,250NPR 565NPR 81,815


Check the new rules what you can what you cannot bring in Nepal

You can bring any type of Television up to 32 inch ON FREE if you’re a Nepalese Citizen and you’ve spent at least one year in a foreign country. You’ll have to pay Full tax and duty charge in the import of TVs more than 32 inches. 

Duty Exempted Goods in Nepal

There are two channels for customs clearance. Passengers not having any dutiable items can proceed to the Green Channel.
Passengers can carry the following and proceed to Green Channel:

  • gold ornaments not more than 50 gms,
  • silver ornaments not more than 500 gms,
  • used linen,
  • one camera,
  • one pair of binoculars,
  • one movie/video camera,
  • one radio,
  • one tape recorder,
  • 15 tape cassettes,
  • 10 disc recorders,
  • 15 rolls of photo films,
  • 10 rolls of movie camera films,
  • one tricycle,
  • one perambulator,
  • one wristwatch,
  • necessary medicines and ordinary packed food worth not more than NRs 10,000
  • fresh fruit worth not more than NRs 1,000

If a passenger is in doubt about dutiable or non dutiable items, he/she can proceed to the Red Channel.

How much Cash Can I Carry in Nepal

Passengers can carry upto US$5000 (five thousand dollars). Passengers should declare foreign currency if they have more than US$ 5,000 or its equivalent in any convertible currency.

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