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Different Tourism Practices | Tourism in Nepal

Different Tourism Practices | Tourism in Nepal

In broad sense, tourism can be divided into two parts, foreign and domestic tourism. However on the basis of purpose, nature of the intended to visit, duration of stay, tourism can be further divided as follow:

Village Tourism

Village tourism can be based in special areas, locality settlement and village with its typical peculiarity because a village rarely possesses verities or mosaic of specialties. Village tourism mostly attracts the middle level income people.

Holiday/Pleasure Tourism

To take a break from the busy life schedule, people, take some time off from work and travel to places away from where they reside. This type of tourism is referred to as holiday/pleasure Tourism. There are two types of sightseeing for Holiday/Pleasure Tourism. They are

Natural sightseeing: – under Natural Sightseeing sea beaches, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, mountain, caves, natural views, flora and fauna etc.

Manmade Sightseeing:-Manmade sightseeing encompasses zoos, museums, historical places, religious place, archeological sites, festivals, exhibitions etc.

In Nepal too, the maximum number of tourist’s i.e. 70 percent belongs to the Holiday/Pleasure type. In terms of tourist arrivals by countries, India comes first followed by Japan, UK, and USA and so on.


Agro –tourism is a new concept in the field of tourism and this is the other side of tourism. It is an expanding sector around the world. It is an economic activity that occurs when people links travel with products, services and experiences of the agriculture and food system. Agro tourism includes farm vacation, horse riding, fishing, camping sites on farm, agricultural fair and festivals etc.

Adventure Tourist

Some difficult activities which cannot be done by all people are done to earn name in the world. Doing this type of activities are known adventure tourism.eg bungee jump, rafting, mountain climbing, skating, etc.

Health, spiritual, Spa and wellness Tourism

It is a kind of historically important tourism. It can be defined as a kind of tourism in which visitors enjoy healthy environment. Tourist visit places for improving their health.

Generally in health tourism duration of travel and length of stay is longer more other than types of tourists. Tourism is prominent during certain suitable seasons. In Nepal, no record has been kept of the health tourists visiting yet it can be said that number of such tourists coming to the country is negligible, but it is reported that people across border come to Nepal for various health treatment particularly in eye hospital.

Sports Tourism

Sport tourism is an important part of tourism. It includes playing of games and enjoying looking different kinds of sports. Sports provide entertainment for both players as well as audience. To talk the condition of Nepal, it is not flourished well because of the lack of stadium, play ground, hall, etc.

Business and Conference Tourism

Business is one of the important or main activities of the today’s world. Many businessmen and traders visit places to advertise their good and to exchange their goods.


Eco-tourism refers to be visiting in natural places. Eco-tourism is very new concept in the field of tourism. First of all, the operator of Costarica had used this word in 1983. This tourism is closely related within the concept of sustainable development. It is environment based or nature based tourism. So writers say that it is nature tourism. It is concerned and quite sensitive towards the local environment. Eco-tourism can be considered as one of the important part of the rural tourism. Eco-tourism leaves very minimum or no impact upon the local environment, culture, and life style of the community.

Space Tourism

Space tourism began from the beginning of the 21st century. This type of tourism involves visiting planets to study about them.

Cultural Tourism

Every human being wants to know something new about others. Cultural tourism involves visit to ancient monuments places of historical or religious importance. It enriches knowledge about different people and their culture. It is regarded as a force for cultural preservation. Cultural tourism has a great scope in a diversified country in terms of culture and customs.

A cultural tourist is a person who undertakes journey especially with a view to having a look on and study of cultural resource of a region.

Some elements of culture, which attracts tourists to the particular destination, are: Handcrafts, Language, Painting and Sculpture, Art and Music, History, Traditions and Dress etc.

Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism

Any travel for religious purpose and the business of arraying for the needs and facilities of such visitors is known as Pilgrimage/Religious Tourism.

Important religious sites and places of worship of different regions are located in various countries of the world. For example, Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia for Muslims, Lumbini in Nepal for Buddhists, Pashupatinath in Nepal for Hindu etc. Tourism industry has also developed because of the people’s religious belief, culture and faith.

In the context of Pilgrimage tourism, there are various attractive sites in different parts of Nepal such as Lumbini, Muktinath, Devghat, Triveni, Pashupatinath, Janakpur, Barahchhetra, and so on. Almost 15% of the visitors coming to Nepal are religious/pilgrimage tourists mainly from Srilanka, India and Japan in that order.

Historical Tourism

By the term historical tourism, we mean all visiting activities related to historical places, museum, etc.

Recreational Tourism

This type of tourism has three important aspects. They are sand, sea and sex. People like to enjoy by sitting at seashore, sandbank with their lover, husband or wife, friends.

They also want to swim in sea, to have delicious foods, etc. This type of tourism is known as recreational tourism.

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