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Digitalization of Cable TV Mandatory in Nepal : Setup Box Necessary for TV

Digitalization of Cable TV Mandatory in Nepal | Setup Box Necessary for TV

The television world for Nepal started with the inception of Nepal television back in B.S 2042 (1985 A.D.). At that time, the antenna was placed at the roof of the house or balconies. But as the technology marks great shift cable television was introduced and there were no more antennas. But since, cable television system operation is based on analog system, there is no exact data of the users since one cable can be fabricated with several other and vice versa. Thus, the government of Nepal has made it mandatory to digitalize the cable television.

The digitilization of cable TV will become more transparent if the signals are converted into digital. In analog technology, users can divide a single cable TV line for many television sets whereas, in digital technology, a setup-box needs to be installed for each television. In this technology user can not divide the line which helps in keeping the exact figures of users.

The government of Nepal has asked the cable TV service providers to implement the digitization by June 2017.  The Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) has requested the service providers to confirm that the analog signals being replaced by a digital signal.

The idea of cable TV digitization was first initiated by the government of Nepal in 2012. But only few of the cable TV service providers have been successful in submitting their work plan. The major reason behind this delay in the digitalization process is lack of infrastructures, the massive earthquake of 2015 and the undeclared blockade from the side of India.

The digitalization of cable TV is beneficial to the service providers as well as the customers. After the digitalization, every operation will become transparent both to the service providers and the government. Unlike the analog system, the exact number of television users in the country can be easily traced from the digital system. Not only this, the users will also receive a clear connection with high definition channels. As of the government concern, the digitation will also help to increase the national revenue.

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