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Diplomatic Status

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Diplomatic Status

Each host country maintains its own etiquette in the field of diplomatic courtesy, but every international diplomat worldwide enjoys the privileges and immunities in force in the international diplomatic community. As there are:

  • Official receipt by the international authorities (the red carpet)
  • You are largely exempt from paying any taxes and levies.
  • Your cars have special number plates CC (consular corps) and CD (diplomatic corps). Your status is immediately visible and known to the authorities. Under no circumstances you can be detained or arrested.
  • The communication of an embassy in whatever form it takes – in writing, by radio, by telex or electronic – is inviolable. For example, the official post of an embassy or consulate cannot be opened or reviewed.
  • Social and professional; you will enjoy the highest level of prestige and respect and have access to high-ranking officials, government leaders and heads of states.
  • Enjoying diplomatic immunity: The premises of the diplomatic mission and the residences of the diplomat, his family and his staff are inviolable. This means first of all that the host authorities, such as police, tax department, etc., may not enter without your permission.
  • The host country has the obligation to protect you against damage or any disturbances what so ever.
  • The airports use of the diplomatic passage, you never have to wait, you have no customs inspection.
  • Priority booking and free upgrades for hotels, airline tickets, cruises.
  • You enjoy the high diplomatic discounts on purchase of (exclusive) cars

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