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In Praise of the Himalayas : Summary and Analysis

Analysis of In Praise of the Himalayas

Writer:   Bhaarat Prasad Dhital

Born:       29th May, 1933

Education:      Ph.D. from Iowa State University of the USA

This essay has been written in the appreciation of Himalaya. This appreciation can be summarized in the following points:

I. Himalaya as the abode of God: Traditionally, mountains are taken as the abode of God. In the Hindus, holy scriptures lord Shiva is supposed to be leaving in Mt. Kailash. Likewise, the Greeks locates their Gods in the Mountain Olympus. In addition, the Christiane worship Mt. Hira, Japanese worship Mt. Fuji and South Americans worship Mt. Alps and South African Mt. Kilimanjaro as the abode of God. All these examples indicate that the Himalayas have been taken as the source of the devine power.

II. Himalaya as the source of peace: Since they are the abode they are source of peace too. It is in the Himalaya we get the ultimate peace in reality. Therefore, sages go to the Himalaya for the penance. It is through their penance in Himalaya, they conquer worldly desires and lust.

III. Himalaya as the source of the delightful panorama: In addition with the spiritual thoughts emanating from the Himalayas the writer holds that the mountains can also be the source of delightful panorama. By having the views of the delightful mountain, we can forget our personal pains, sufferings and tortures. The Himalayas can feel the human heart with the deep joys.

IV. Timelessness: The writer argues that for himalayas time never begins. They are not bound by the temporal limitation. They are always eternal and infinite.

The Himalayas are also the source of the cosmic energy. Since they are in the unique shape they can follow the cosmic energy to the mankind.

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