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Interpretation of Mek Four

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Interpretation of Mek Four

Writer: John Agard
Born: 21 June, 1949

The present poem ‘Mek Four’ is written by John Agard. He was born in 21June, 1949. He is a playwright, poet and children’s writer.
Simply speaking, ‘Mek Four’ is a love poem. This reflects on the theme of language of love. By this, language of love can be expressed in any language. There appears love when four eyes of two lovers see each other. When the lover and the beloved see each other, their eyes make four. By looking at each other’s eyes, they understand their feeling about love and they express their love through body language. For this, one does not require a highly codified and standard language to express love. So, love can be expressed in any language. It may either be in West Indian Creole or be in any other language.

By and large, language of love is universal. It’s syntax is yes. Love starts when the lover and the beloved make their eyes four. Everything may remain silent when the two loving hearts meet each other. Their love becomes like a red red rose and that’s what we call the basic language of love.

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