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Myadi Police Vacancy for 98268 vacant posts All over Nepal

Nepal Police announces vacancy for the 98268 Myadi police for the election purpose at the lower house and Pradesh Sabha election.


  • Nepali Citizen
  • Not a member of political party
  • Literate

Those who have once worked in Nepal army, Nepal police and APF and Retired are encouraged to apply.

Those who are Game Scouts/ Forest Savers



Interested candidates shall apply in the District Police office of All the districts of Nepal.


Work duration:

55 days


Salary: 17230/- per month Plus + Local Vatta + 7 days Special Vatta 250 Rs per day + Khaja Khana vatta for 7 days 250 Rs. per day.


If Injured:

The Myadi police will be given not more than 150000 if injured.

If dead will be given 15 lakhs.
For clothes purpose: 4000 Rs.
To go to the place of work: Rs. 1000
Contact Date: 2074/7/1

The current Jobs Expires in:

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  1. Hi there, I read through a few of your articles here. I did have a question though that I hope you could answer.

    I was wondering, Why do firefighters, policemen, soldiers, and other life threating jobs
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