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Section officer English Learning: One Word Substitution

Section officer English Learning: One Word Substitution

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The following is the Section Officer English Language Competence Test on One Word Substitution Dotnepal has recently published.

Lok Sewa Aayog Section Office Preparation

1.Pardon given to political prisoners– Amnesty
2.A place where government records are kept– Archives
3.A story in which ideas are symbolized as people– Allegory
4.A slang word for the under world– Alibi
5.The money that that court asks a man to pay to his divorced or legally separated wife– Alimony
6.Washing of the human body especially in the religious ceremony– Ablution
7.A tall, strong, masculine kind of woman– Amazon
8.A written declaration made as an oath– Affidavit
9.One who doesn’t believe in god– Atheist
10.Animals living in water– Aquatic
11.The right of self government– Autonomy
12.A country which has no government– Anarchy
13.A medicine which produces insensitivity– Anesthetic
14.A substance that destroys germs– Antiseptic
15.A person who plays for pleasure– Amateur
16.A person appointed by two parties to settle down the dispute– Arbiter
17.A group of islands lying together– Archipelago
18.One who is out to destroy the government– Anarchist
19.A place for keeping bees– Apiary
20.Total loss of voice– Aphonia
21.Yearly return of a date– Anniversary
22.People at a concert– Audience
23.A place where weapons and ammunitions are stored– Arsenal/armory
24.A letter or document which does not bear the name of the author– Anonymous
25.A person who commits the first act of attack– Aggressor
26.A government where the powers are concentrated in the hands of one person especially by a king-Autocracy
27.A minister representing a sovereign state in a foreign country– Ambassador
28.The study of ancient societies– Archeology
29.The cutting of an organ by surgery– Amputate
30.Partial loss of memory– Amnesia
31.A government by the rich-Aristocracy/plutocracy
32.Fear of man– Androphobia
33.Fear of cats– Ailurophobia
34.A fear of heightsAcrophobia
35.A person who is not much interested in his own welfare but in the welfare of others– Altruist
36.A person who is not interested in any materialistic possessions– Ascetic
37.Study of human being– Anthropology
38.Strong and settled dislike between two people/ parties-Antipathy
39.One who studies things of the past– Antiquarian
40.A person who kills for political reasons– Assassinator
41.Cutting of the dead body– Autopsy
42.One who learns under a more experienced person to learn the trade– Apprentice
43.Commencement of a word with the same letter– Alliteration
44.Old students of an institution-Alumni
45.A place on which offerings to god are made– Altar
46.One who gives up his religion-Apostate
47.An unmarried man-Bachelor
48.A person who always wants to fight-Bellicose
49.A country or soldier engaged in war– Belligerent
50.Using abusive language towards god– Blasphemous
51.A place where soldiers stay– Barrack
52.A place in a church where the bell is hung– Belfry
53.The collection of flags– Bunting
54.A person who loves reading books– Bibliophile
55.A person who is conservative towards his religion– Bigot/fanatic
56.A mistake– Blunder
57.A person who breaks into another’s house to steal– Burglar
58.A bunch of flowers– Bouquet
59.A state of having no money– Insolvent/bankrupt
60.A place where beer is made– Brewery
61.Passion for reading books– Bibliomania
62.An instrument for measuring pressure– Barometer
63.An unwanted person– Black sheep
64.A place where books are bound– Bindery
65.The practice of marrying two wives/husbands– Bigamy
66.A religious war– Crusade
67.A person who introduces the performers and speakers– Compere
68.The art of beautiful handwritings– Calligraphy
69.A person who is bad at spellings– Cacographist
70.A dead body of an animal– Carcass
71.The dead body of human being– Corpse
72.A person who mends shoes– Cobbler
73.A person of the same rank, position or status– Colleague
74.A person who draws maps and charts– Cartographist
75.Existing at the same time– Contemporary
76.The art of smuggling goods– Contraband
77.Soldiers on horseback– Cavalry
78.A number of stars grouped together– Constellation
79.People on a ship– Crew
80.A place for gambling– Casino
81.One who eats human cannibal– Cannibal
82.One who is more than hundred years old– Centenarian
83.One who believes the whole world as his country– Cosmopolitan
84.One who sells sweets and pastries– Confectioner
85.People in a church, temple or mosque for devotion– Congregation
86.An official bulletin– Communiqué
87.A state of being unmarried– Celibacy
88.A fear of enclosed placesClaustrophobia
89.A fear of dogs– Cynophobia
90.A doctor who specializes in heart disease– Cardiologist
91.A person in charge of museum– Curator
92.A place where dead bodies are burnt– Crematorium
93.Comical drawing of a person found in newspaper– Caricature
94.A disease that is spread by touch– Contagious
95.Something kept secret, hidden– Clandestine
96.A person who does tricks which appear magical– Conjuror
97.Money paid for damage of property– Compensation
98.Study of colour– Chromatics
99.A place for shelter of ships– Dockyard
100.An abnormal craving for alcoholic drinks– Dipsomania
101.A person who has a gloomy nature– Despondent
102.A person who is skillful with his both hands– Dexterous
103.A person who looks after cattle– Drover
104.A language of a region having its own use– Dialect
105.A doctor who specializes in skin diseases– Dermatologist
106.To cause troops etc to spread out in readiness for battle– Deploy
107.A very fashionable person– Dandy
108.A song sung at a funeralDirge
109.A place where one lives permanently– Domicile
110.One who stirs others for votes before the elections– Demagogue
111.To be sent from one’s native country– Expatriate
112.A person who is sent out on a mission– Emissary
113.A man who has womanish characteristics– Effeminate
114.Boredom and frustration in life– Ennui
115.Bringing about gentle and painless death from incurable disease– Euthanasia
116.Fit to be choosen– Eligible
117.That which can be eaten– Edible
118.A disease that spreads over a large area– Epidemic
119.That which cannot be explained– Inexplicable
120.The art of spying– Espionage
121.A lover of food, drink and entertainment– Epicurean
122.A group of most powerful and influencing people in a society– Elite
123.Money given to a person without any legal binding– Ex-gratia
124.A person who is frank, open, broad minded– Extrovert
125.A well educated and learned person– Erudite
126.Study of derivation of words– Etymology
127.Study of insects– Entomology
128.Study of unborn babies– Embryology
129.A book containing all branches of knowledge– Encyclopedia
130.A speech made at the beginning of a play or epic– Epilogue
131.An order made by a government in order to stop trade with another country– Embargo
132.Inscription on a tomb– Epitaph
133.A large movement of a group of people from one place to another– Exodus
134.An art of effective speaking– Elocution
135.One who has settled down in a foreign country permanently– Emigrant
136.Study of social groups– Ethnology
137.A person very difficult to please– Fastidious/insatiable
138.The killing of children– Filicide
139.The killing of own sister– Felicide/sororicide
140.The killing of one’s brother– Fratricide
141.One who takes and active role in the cause of woman’s problems– Feminist
142.The killing of a whole race of people– Genocide
143.A very talkative person– Garrulous/ loquacious
144.Study of manuscripts and written documents– Graphology
145.Lover of food or who eats much– Gourmand/ gourmet
146.To over see something at short notice– Glimpse
147.Study of rocks– Geology
148.A person who eats too much– Glutton
149.Study of old aged people– Gerontology
150.A person who easily believes– Gullible/ credulous
151.An exaggerated statement– Hyperbole
152.Fear of water– Hydrophobia
153.A group of houses in a village– Hamlet
154.A place where planes are kept– Hanger
155.Morning prayer in a church– Hymn
156.Somebody who pretends to be what he is not– Hypocrite
157.One who acts against religion– Heretic
158.A case in which a revolver is kept– Holster
159.Something neat and clean– Immaculate
160.Capable of easily being burnt– Incombustible
161.That which cannot be corrected– Incorrigible
162.That which cannot be avoided– Inevitable
163.That which cannot be read easily– Illegible
164.A person who is reserved or speaks less– Introvert
165.A person who is very lazy , has no desire to work– Indolent
166.That which is unplanned– Impromptu/ extempore
167.That which cannot be changed– Irrevocable
168.A formal charge against a person for some crime or offense– Indictment
169.Murder of new born babies– Infanticide
170.A plan for a route to be followed on a journey– Itinerary
171.One who goes to another country to settle down– Immigrant
172.Born of illegal parents– Illegitimate
173.Language difficult to understand because of bad form– Jargon
174.A short journey for pleasure– Jaunt
175.Passion for stealing– Kleptomania
176.A quickly changing scene or pattern– Kaleidoscope
177.A school for young children– Kindergarten
178.A place where bricks are burnt– Kiln
179.Property left to someone by will– Legacy
180.A false statement to damage a person’s reputation– Libel/ defamation
181.The scientific study of the language– Linguistic
182.The art of reasoning– Logic
183.A person who cuts precious stones– Lapidist
184.A person who compiles words in a dictionary– Lexicographer
185.The killing of one’s mother– Matricide
186.The habit of speaking with self– Monologue
187.Obsession with one idea– Monomania
188.The first speech made by a person– Maiden speech
189.A place where monks stay– Monastery
190.A person clumsy with one hands– Maladroit
191.A person who hates the custom of marriage– Misogamist
192.A person who hates the company of women– Misogynist
193.A person who is not interested in learning– Misologist
194.A very generous person– Magnanimous
195.A person who hates mankind– Misanthrope
196. A person who pays careful attention to very small details– Meticulous
197.A handwritten document– Manuscript
198.A person who kills for money– Mercenary
199.A hotel for motorist– Motel
200.A place where dead bodies are kept identification– Morgue
201.Principles of political party– Manifesto
202.Fear of nights– Nyctophobia
203.A person who collects coins– Numismatist
204.The act of favouring one’s own relatives– Nepotism
205.Wistful longing of the past– Nostalgia
206.Act of being bare clothing– Nudity
207.A person who looks at the bright side of life– Optimist
208.A ceremony in which somebody becomes priest– Ordinance
209.Large guns on wheels artillery– Ordnance
210.A person who has deep knowledge of a particular area– Omniscient
211.Fear of crowds– Ochlophobia
212.A person who is good at spellings– Orthographist
213.A very conservative person– Orthodox
214.A long wandering journey– Odyssey
215.That which is all powerful– Omnipotent
216.That which is no longer in use– Obsolete
217.Study of mountains– Orology
218.The act of putting off things– Procrastinate
219.A person who looks at the dark side of life– Pessimist
220.Promise made by the prisoner not to escape– Parole
221.That which can be easily carried– Portable
222.The killing of one’s father– Patricide
223.A scholar , a person who displays his knowledge-Pedant
224.A person who loves mankind– Philanthropist
225.Fear of everything in general– Panaphobia
226.Fear of children– Pedaphobia
227.Passion for money– Plutomania
228.Study of different language– Philology
229.Study of prison reforms– Penology
230.A false name used by an author instead of his real name– Pseudonym
231.A person who steals words and ideas from others and says that it is his own– Plagiarist
232.A person who shows off his newly acquired wealth– Parvenu
233.Land surrounded by water on three sides– Peninsula
234.The belief that god is present in all natural things– Pantheism
235.Study of speech sound– Phonetics
236.Property inherited from ones parents-Patrimony
237.A person who knows many language– Polyglot
238.A cure for all diseases– Panacea
239.Happening, done, published, etc after a person has diedPosthumous
240.A person who want to make peace– Pacifist
241.A person who collects stamps– Philatelist
242.A speech made at the end of the play or epic– Prologue
243.One who walks on the road– Pedestrian
244.A person who loves his country very much– Patriot
245.Physical examination of the dead body– Post-mortem
246.A wide open view– Panorama
247.Study of disease– Pathology
248.Something that can be taken for granted– Postulate
249.A woman who has several husbands at a time– Polyandry
250.One who leads in a field– Pioneer
251.Killing of one’s parents– Parricide
252.Separation of patients in a hospital to avoid infection– Quarantine
253.The killing of own king– Regicide
254.A decision made by a majority– Referendum
255.A person who gives up his religion and takes another– Renegade
256.Too much government official formality– Red-tapism
257.To go to the village side to relax away from the noise of the city– Rusticate
258.An angry crowd– Rabble/mob
259.The study of earthquakes– Seismography
260.A country that respects all religions– Secular
261.A thing kept in memory of a person– Souvenir
262.A breaking of religious idols– Sacrilege
263.Fear of food– Sitophobia
264.A person who always doubts– Skeptical
265.A person who talks in his sleep– Somnaloquent
266.A person who talks to himself– Soliloquist
267.A person who spends a lot of money– Spendthrift
268.A person who takes the blame for others– Scapegoat
269.An unmarried woman– Spinster
270.One who loads and unloads on a ship– Stevedore
271.A case in which the sword is kept– Sheath
272.High salary no work– Sinecure
273.A person who has given up alcoholic drinks– Teetotaller
274.A person who remains quiet as a habit– Taciturn
275.A person who believes in god– Theist
276.Study of religion– Theology
277.Study of physical features of land, study of art of printing– Topography
278.A book of both antonyms and synonyms– Thesaurus
279.A person who changes sides easily– Turncoat
280.A person who loves his wife very much– Uxorious
281.A loud mouthed turbulent kind of woman– Virago
282.A well experienced person– Veteran
283.One who sell goods door to door– Vendor
284.A multi talented person– Versatile
285.Language that has been used very much– Verbose/ hackneyed
286.A quarrel among family members-Vendetta
287.Daily earned money– Wage
288.A place where clothes are placed– Wardrobe
289.A man whose wife is dead– Widower
290.A woman whose husband is dead– Widow
291.Fear of foreigners– Xenophobia
292.One who love oneself– Egoist
293.One who believes in fate– Fatalist
294.A person who is womanish in his habits– Effeminate
295.One who breaks images and idols– Iconoclast
296.One who walks in his sleep– Somnambulist
297.One who makes scientific study of language– Linguist
298.One who knows many language– Polyglot
299.One who enjoys others confident– Confidant
300.One who sails around stopping and robbing ships at sea– Pirate
301.One who spends or wastes money for luxury– Extravagant
302.One who makes eloquent public speech– Orator
303.One who undergoes the penalty of death for persistence in his faith– Martyr
304.A child whose parents are dead– Orphan
305.A person who travels far for learning about it– Explorer
306.A disease that is found regularly in a particular area– Endemic
307.A disease that causes death– Fatal
308.Having a tendency to break the law to do socially unacceptable things– Delinquent
309.A medicine that causes sleep– Narcotic
310.A game or battle in which no party gains victory– Drawn
311.A roundabout way of expression– Circumlocution
312.A short story designed to teach a moral or religious lesson– Parable
313.A speech which is delivered without preparation– Extempore
314.The life story of a man written by himself– Autobiography
315.The life story of a man written by other– Biography
316.Animals which live in flocks– Gregarious
317.Anything no longer in use– Obsolete
318.Article sold by one country to another– Export
319.Article bought by one country from another– Import
320.That which cannot be heard– Inaudible
321.That which cannot be consumed by fire– Incombustible
322.That which cannot be believed– Incredible
323.That which cannot be blotted– Indelible
324.That which cannot be denied or questioned– Indisputable
325.That which cannot be cured– Incurable
326.That without which one can’t do– Indispensable
327.That which never tires out– Inexhaustible
328.That which cannot be easily reached– Inaccessible
329.That which cannot be defended– Indefensible
330.That which never fails– Infallible
331.That which can be seen through– Transparent
332.That which cannot be seen– Invisible
333.That which cannot be repaired– Irreparable
334.That which is not to the point– Irrelevant
335.That which cannot be taken away by force– Impregnable
336.Incapable of being wounded– Invulnerable
337.Incapable of being divided– Indivisible
338.Incapable of being dissolved– Insoluble
339.Incapable of being understood– Unintelligible
340.Incapable of being imitated– Inimitable
341.That which cannot be seen through– Opaque
342.That which happens every two years– Biennial
343.That which happens every four years– Quadrennial
344.That which happens half year– Semiannual
345.That which occurs time after time– Perennial
346.A man who leads an immoral life– Libertine
347.A medicine to counteract the effect of medicine– Antidote
348.The science of reasoning– Logic
349.Related to the sun– Solar
350.Related to the moon– Lunar
351.The practice of marrying only once– Monogamy
352.The practice of having more than a wife at a time– Polygamy
353.Allowance due to a wife on legal separation from her husband– Alimony
354.The act of speaking disrespectfully about the sacred things– Blasphemy
355.An office for which no salary is paid– Honorary
356.The sum paid to a man for his labour– Remuneration
357.Compulsory enlistment of military and other services– Conscription
358.Of one’s own free will– Volunteer
359.All of one mind– Unanimous
360.Occurring at the same time– Simultaneous
361.Give tit for tat– Retaliate
362.A figure with many angles and sides– Polygon
363.One who is fond of entertaining the guests– Hospitable
364.One who is revengeful– Vindictive
365.One who is interested in old things works of books– Antiquarian
366.The original inhabitants of the country– Aborigines
367.A person who has many love affairs without intending to marry– Philanderer
368.One who can use either hand with perfect ease– Ambidextrous
369.The state of abstention from marriage– Celibacy
370.Land that grows things in abundance– Fertile
371.Land that does not grow anything– Barren
372.A house which is visited by ghosts– Haunted
373.A place for the burial of the dead body– Cemetery
374.A place erected in remembrance of a person or event– Monument
375.Paradise or a place where one gets supreme delight and bliss– Elysium
376.A small set or committee of top leaders which runs the election for the party– Caucus
377.Person who pilots or travels in a balloon , airship or other aircraft– Aeronaut

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