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A Story by Dylan Thomas Summary

A Story by Dylan Thomas
“A Story” is very humorous story written by Dylan Thomas where he presents the, adult’s world from the point of view of a boy. The story is about a days outing narrated by a boy. The narrator lives with his uncle and aunt. In the beginning of the story, the narrator gives very humorous description of his uncle Thomas and aunt. His uncle was big and noisy but his aunt was small and quiet. They loved each others very much. Some times, being angry, the aunt beat her husband on his head with a china dog. She didn’t like his annual outing as he would come home heavily drunk on such occasions, she would go to her mother’s house. . This story is an account of a trip to Porthcawl made by the narrator’s uncle and s.ome of his friends. The narrator was also involved in the trip. One Sunday morning, when Thomas and his friends decided to go to Porthcawl for outing by a comfortable motor-coach, the aunt became angry with her husband as she didn’t like the annual outing. She threatened her husband that she would go to her mother house if he went for outing. He didn’t care her threat as she would do it every year. His friends Will Sentry and Mr. Benjamin Franklyn came in with a list of friends who were ready to go for outing. The narrator found that his aunt already left the house.

Everyone was ready for the trip. The narrator, his uncle and his friends started their outing to Porthcawl by a bus, charabanc. When they were out of the village, they found that Mr. Old O’ Jones was left behind. They drove back to the village to pick Old O’Jones up. When they continued their Journey, another friend, Mr. Weazley wanted to go back to take his teeth but everybody said that his teeth were not necessary in the journey. They stopped outside a small public house. The owner of the inn welcomed them as the wolf welcomes the sheep. They spent 45 minutes in the bar drinking a lot. They sang, shouted and quarreled after being drunk. When they emptied the inn, they continued their journey. On the way, whenever a public house passed, they had to stop as Mr. Weazley wanted to drink. Even when the bar was closed, they would drink behind the locked doors.

In the meantime of their journey, they saw a river on the way, and stopped the bus and went into the cool water. As they were drunk, some of them slipped on the stone. They forgot Portheawl. The river was better than Porthcawl for them. It was already evening. They wanted to return back instead of going to Porthcawl. It was dusk. All the 30 members of the outing were wet and drunk. They stopped at a public house for rum to keep the cold out. On the way back, Mr. Old O’Jones began to cook supper in the middle of the bus. Mr. Weazley wanted to drink more but there were no inns. They brought out the cases of beer, sat in the field in a circle and drank. The narrator began to sleep against his uncle’s waistcoat. The moon as already up and their outing was over but they didn’t reach Porthcawl.

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