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Summary of Barbara Ras’ The Center of Nowhere

Summary of Barbara Ras’ The Center of Nowhere

Writer:            Barbara Ras

Born:               1949

Nationality:    American

Write a summary of the essay “The Center of Nowhere”.

The essay “The center of nowhere” was written by Barbara Ras, an American contemporary essayist. She tries to reflect the beauty of Alaska and the adventures through such a highly snowed place. The writer i.e. narrator in the essay went for a journey of Alaska, at her forty-six. She chose the dog sledding even her friends chose other kinds of journey such as snowmobile because she wanted to increase closeness with her daughter Anna who was just entering to adolescence. Similarly, the day sledding could also be an easy access to wilderness that they can drive in the wish.

There were altogether 6 people in the team including Cyndi and her husband Eric the narrator and her daughter Anna and two guides John and Marie. Likewise, the narrator used six dogs for her journey a Duke, a Luke, two Busters, a Jackson, and a Tinkerbell. John was the owner of the dogs in the Bettles dog yard who takes after the dogs and feeds them. He was the experienced guide who helped the travelers by harnessing the sled on dogs and leading them to the journey. First, John’s sled took off, then, Anna, after Anna the narrator and Marrie was along side the narrator. Sometimes, the narrator was worried about losing the sight of her daughter. Days were running pulling the sled and so was the team.

At the end of their first day, they reached the tent at the foot of Mount Gilroy, rising almost 4,000 feet above. In the tent, the people engaged in different works such as John tended the dogs, Marie unpacked the sled she packed, Eric went out to bring snow in to a plastic bin to melt for water and coffee. The narrator moved around the text and wrote something. At dinner they all gathered and enjoyed, they were on their own worries about the family and the children rather than Alaska at that time.

The next morning dawn was glorious they complained the snorers of that night. They were busy in preparing for the further trip the narrator asked her daughter that what she thought a mom and a daughter can learn from being out in the wild. Anna replied that they couldn’t cope with getting alone. Anyway she expressed a relief to be alone with the dogs. They started going to the river valley. The scene of craggy peaks circling 320 degrees entertained them. The parity was aching and the beautiness of the scenes attracted them very much.

They reached in a dense forest crossing the boreal forest. They were going one after another the narrator’s sled slipped around behind her team like a caboose jumping the track she fell and she got up in the way.

They thought that they would see wild animals in the forest but the wild lives went way because of the dog’s presence in such forest. They enjoyed their lunch playing in the snow. They mushed on into the afternoon, traveling at about six miles an hour when they were on flat terrain. The narrator wondered why John chooses to put Anna behind him and ahead of her. She expressed doubt as she was moving into adulthood.

In the next night, they made camp in a mining cabin in a little nook of the valley. This was so comfortable. At the night they wake up seeing the lights. Artic people believed that the Northern lights were the souls of animals dancing in the sky or torches lit by the dead to help hunters to find their prey during the long dark of winter.

Halfway into their third day the narrator was falling less. She watched John, then Anna, cross the worst ice ad overflow successfully then watched them turned around to watch her.  John and Anna had disappeared around the bend. The narrator felt sore and tried. Marie kept the narrator on tussled and they went on. The Anna’s sled hung by a dead tree fallen across the ice. John rescued her with on ax. The narrator became very much worried about her daughter as Anna doubled over, holding her stomach. Luckily, she was not hurt bad. They all trashed her and she told that she could ride on her sled herself.

At the and of the day, they were back at the tent. The narrator talked with John about Anna’s mishap and other similar experiences that he experienced. The last day of the trip was different and cheerful as it was the narrator’s forty-seventh birth day. She thought about her trip, the unexpected splendor of the isolation, the unanticipated appeal of the stillness and cold. She recollected all the events in the trip and she described the trip was the center of nowhere, Anna knew her mother’s birthday she showed her the rainbow in the sky. They enjoyed a lot together. They head for home.

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