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Summary of To Autumn

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Summary of To Autumn

Writer:      John Keats

Born: 31     October, 1795

This poem is full of the images of autumn and winter. In the first two stanzas of the poem, the poet has beautifully described the autumn season. For the poet, autumn and the sun are the bosom friends of each other. They conspire to load the vines with the fruits, swell the gourds, bend the apple trees with the fruits fill the hazel shells with a sweet Kernels. That is to say, autumn brings prosperity, affluence and joy. To show autumn as the season of prosperity, the poet has located the autumn season in the granary floor.

But, this happiness oozes hours by hours and gets replaced by the winter. Mourning gnats, bleating lambs, singing crickets, twittering swallows, the soft-dying days and whistling red-breast are some of the indications of winter season. The poem begins with the autumn but ends with the winter and this journey of the poem corresponds with the journey of life itself. If it begins with the autumn, it has to end with the winter and vice-versa. If that is so, we have to accept both autumn and winter with the equal patience.

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