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Telemedicine meaning


As management of cancer patient need highly skilled manpower, telemedicine expands the support on different places through video conference links. Thus, in diseases which needs high skills and expertise, telemedicine uses a technique to support through the use of internet which of course uses video conference links to discuss, support, expand services in different places.

Telemedicine in Nepal

In Nepal, Nepal Cancer Hospital has been practicing telemedicine. This institute has linked to all major cities of Nepal with the video conference link. They will develop satellite centres to all these cities so that they can provide their expert consultation services all over the Nepal in this manner which of course would be paid service. The video conference link with RGCI which is used both for second opinion for patients and for academic purpose, such as case discussion, tumour board discussion, CMEs, sharing of conference happening in RGCI. Wherever possible, link also will be established with other reputed international Institute for academic purpose.

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Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center

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