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Two Long-Term Problems: Too Many People, Too Few Trees Summary

Too Many People, Too Few Trees
– Moti Nissani
The significant writer and processor Moti Nissani has raised the two long-term problems in his essay, they are: over population and deforestation. Because of industrialization, nutrition, sanitation and modern medicine, people are living longer and the world population is increasing rapidly. The writer is worried by the fact that over populating will have a bad impact to the natural world. To produce more food for more people, the trees will be cut down and forests will be cultivated. Moreover, the growing population will pollute rivers, lakes, air, drinking water, soil and the whole natural world. Such environmental pollution will cause different kinds of diseases such as cancer, asthma and respiratory diseases. Overpopulation causes deforestation. Deforestation will cause floods, landslides, soil-erosion, droughts, greenhouse effects and the loss of various species of plants, birds and animals.

Nissani further says that every year there are 80 million more people in the world. He presents the realistic pictures of Nepal. In 1951, there were nine million people In Nepal. After less than 50 years, the . population grew to 23 million. As an average Nepalese woman gives birth to five ·children, Nepal’s population growth rate is high. If this high birth rate continues, Nissani says that Nepal’s population will reach 368 million after 140 years. If such overpopulation .is not checked, Nepal will have to face various devastating problems in the near future.

In the essay, Moti Nissani encourages us to protect trees for the future generation. He has recommended few steps from where we can prevent chopping down of the trees and restore healthy atmosphere. we need wisdom, courage and compassion (concerns) to control the problems of overpopulati9n and deforestation. We can control deforestation by controlling population and by educating them about the bad impacts of deforestation. We can solve this problem by deforestation and using smokeless stove. Effective family planning is the main remedy (treatment) of controlling over population. People should be encouraged to plant trees and they should be discouraged to cut trees. Concluding the essay; Nissani stresses that we should have willingness and passion to reduce population and plant trees which will help us to live healthier and our future will also be bright and safe.

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