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WannaCry ransomware Virus attack: Gone Viral

WannaCry ransomware Virus attack

WannaCry ransomware Virus is a dangerous virus, also known as Wannacrypt, wanacrypt2, wanna decryptor. It especially targets computers with Microsoft Windows operating system and demands ransom payments from $300-$600.
This virus attack started on Friday, 12 May 2017 which infected more than 230,000 computers around the world. This virus attack has infected Russia, Ukraine, India and Taiwan and different parts of the world including FedEx, Deutsche Bahn and Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

What Wannacry infection does?

— The ransomware locks files and demands designated sum in the virtual currency Bitcoin from the users.
— It sometimes encrypts files.

How does the Virus Attack Computers?

This virus infects computer when a user opens a phising email.

How to survive from Wannacry?

  • – Using “kill switch” to limit the spread of the ransomware,
  • – Periodically cleaning the computer,
  • – Backing up the important files,
  • taking precaution while opening e-mails and software.

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