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Amazing Butterfly Found in Nepal | Lalitpur District

Amazing Butterfly Found in Nepal | Lalitpur District

Recently, in the social medias, I came to see a news entitled “amazing butterfly found in Syangja” but I have not been unknown to the fact that it is not only in Syangja that this amazing butterfly lives in. Some years back, I was going through the VDCs and Municipalities of Lalitpur district from Election Commission Nepal. I was appointed as a Darta Karmachari. This photo As I am going to show is taken on 2011/5/26 exact at 8:05 Am while I was visiting the one of the villages of Ashrang, Lalitpur District. This butterfly, when I saw at first, got surprised and also feared. I did not dare to catch the butterfly as it has frightening appearance. Since I was carrying a mobile that has a camera, I shot this myself and now I know it is a surprising. I shot only three times and I went my way.

As of now, different medias has been posting the pictures and I also decided to share the information I have been hiding from years. Take a look at another picture:

This is the last photo I shot:

Now, I do not know what is it called. I also love to call it a amazing butterfly that I have ever seen. It was sticking in the wood as we see it. The size of the butterfly I can recall is large enough to astonish everyone seeing it. I also feared whether it bites while taking a snapshot but it didn’t. I would have catch it if I wasn’t feared with it. But I didn’t dare to touch something I was unknown about. Thanks to my mobile Samsung GT-S5233S.

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