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Ballad and its types

Ballad and its types

A ballad is a narrative folksong that is handed down from one generation to another orally. In Abram’s (1993) words, a ballad is a song transmitted orally, which tells a story.
Ballads can be divided into two brood types:
a. The folk or traditional ballad and
b. The literary ballad
The traditional ballad is the lyrical species of folklore because it belongs to oral tradition. Its author is unknown and is transmitted from generation to generation by word of mouth.
The literary ballad in contrary to traditional ballad imitates the folk or traditional ballad, while developing the form in fresh ways. For example, Wilde’s The Ballad as Reading Goal. According to Cuddon, (1991, p. 77)
Most of the ballads share the following features:
i. The beginning is often abrupt.
ii. The language is simple
iii. The story is told through dialogue and action
iv. The theme is often tragic.
v. There is often a retain.
vi. It often deals with a single episode
vii. The events leading to the crisis are related swiftly.
viii. There is a strong dramatic element.
ix. There is considerable intensity and immediacy the narration.
x. The narrator is impersonal.
xi. There is frequently incremental repletion.


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