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What is an ode?

3. What is an ode?

Ode, a lyric poem, is especially written in praise of somebody or something. To put it differently, an ode is a dignified and elaborately structured lyric poem.
An ode has the following principled features:
– An elaborated stanza-structure
– A marked formality and stateliness in tone and style, and
– Loft sentiments and thoughts
Ode is distinguished into two types the public and the private ode.
The public odes are written for ceremonial occasions, such as funerals and state events. On the other hand, the private odes are intense, private, meditative and reflective. In English Ben Jonson was the first to write an ode. English romantic poets preferred and perfected private odes. For instance, Keat’s ode ‘To Autumn’ is one of the most beautiful odes.


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