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Diplomatic Bag and Diplomatic Couriers

Diplomatic Bag and Diplomatic Couriers The diplomatic bag is given more absolute protection under the Vienna Convention than was given under customary law.[1] Previously, the receiving State had a right to challenge a bag that was suspected to contain unauthorised items. If this occurred, the sending State could either return …

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Theories of Diplomatic Immunity

Theories of Diplomatic Immunity Since the 16th century there have been three major theories of diplomatic immunity. Each theory plays a prominent role during different periods in history. These theories are: (a) personal representation, (b) extra territoriality and (c) functional necessity. Not only will their historical context be reflected but …

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Man Hospitalized After Eating One Chilly

A Man Hospitalized After Eating Chilly named “Carolina Reaper” World’s hottest pepper called the “Carolina Reaper” following a report about a man who was hospitalized after eating the extremely spicy fruit at a contest. British Medical Journal revealed a man being hospitalized after mistakenly eating “Carolina Reaper”. A 34-year-old man’s …

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HEAD TRANSPLANT Project in 2017

HEAD TRANSPLANT Project in 2017 D on’t be scared of planting the Human Head because all we know and have it but we’re not accustomed to it. All of you have heard about kidney transplant, heart transplant, eye transplant, and even brain transplant. But what about the Head Transplant? Imagine …

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WannaCry ransomware Virus attack: Gone Viral

WannaCry ransomware Virus attack WannaCry ransomware Virus is a dangerous virus, also known as Wannacrypt, wanacrypt2, wanna decryptor. It especially targets computers with Microsoft Windows operating system and demands ransom payments from $300-$600. This virus attack started on Friday, 12 May 2017 which infected more than 230,000 computers around the …

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