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HEAD TRANSPLANT Project in 2017

HEAD TRANSPLANT Project in 2017

D on’t be scared of planting the Human Head because all we know and have it but we’re not accustomed to it. All of you have heard about kidney transplant, heart transplant, eye transplant, and even brain transplant. But what about the Head Transplant? Imagine a head transplanting to another body? Really amazing task isn’t it? I bet no one has ever heard about this. But in Italy it is going to happen in 2017 with the imagination and crafting of a scientist from Italy, neurosurgeon Sergio Canavaro; plans to transplant a first human head to another body. He has a volunteer (a man) who is suffering from a muscle-wasting disease. The patient has agreed to a new project of Canavaro.

So, now what he really needs is a body. He is in search of a body and with which he’ll be transplanting a head. As of now the details of how the surgery will go down and from where they’ll get a body is unknown, but the neurosurgeon says the surgery will involve 150 people, 35 hours and a really cold temperatures. It will also need bio-compatible glue and a diamond knife in order to complete the operation. This project, if succeeds, will be the best craft project ever done in human history.

Best of luck Sergio Canavaro !!!

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