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Class 4 Science Questions | Science Questions

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Class 4 Science Questions | Science Questions

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 4 students. These questions will help students to understand about Plant life and animals, Human body, Food and nutrition, Clothes, safety and first aid, Our environment and our universe, Our family,Our society, Force, work and energy which will be useful in our daily life to understand the miracles around us that are actually the product of science. This subject is of prime importance for all the utilities that enhance our daily life and make everyday life easier to live. Try to answer these questions on your own so that you build up confidence in HPE. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class 4 Science Question


Level Subject Year
Primary Science 2077

Attempt all questions.

1. Classify the following into mammals and egg laying animals. 0.5×15=7.5

[dog, rat, rabbit, lizard, snake, fish, frog, hen, squirrel, butterfly, cockroach, housefly, zebra, donkey, elephant]

2. Choose the correct words given in bracket and fill in the blanks. 1×8=8

chemical/ lever /pistil / one minute/ fry / sour / seed / artificial

a) Satellites may be natural and…….

b) 60 seconds equal………….

c) Our food contains…….. energy.

d) Female parts of the flower is called……….

e) Lettuce stores food in its……

f) The larva of a fish is……..

g) A ……. Contains a baby plant.

h) Lemon has……….. taste.

3. Match the following. 1×6=6


Stem Food factory of the plants

Root Reproductive parts

Leaf Contains baby plant

Flower Underground part

Fruit Developed from flower

Seed Grows above the soil

4. Fill in the blanks. 1×8=8

a) Gram is the unit of…………

b) The ………. is the main source of heat and light.

c) We need……… to do different types of work.

d) Tulsi leaves are used as……….

e) Oxygen is………….. gas.

f) Air occupies………… and has mass.

g) Fish breath through…………

h) ………… seeds are scattered by wind.

5. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statement. 1×8=8

a) Agave is a desert plant.

b) Stamens are male reproductive organs of the flower.

c) Money is used to plough the field.

d) Fish and frog are mammals.

e) Cold air is lighter than hot air.

f) Water is colourless liquid.

g) Heart is a part of excretory system.

h) Solids can be compressed easily.

6. Name any two of followings. 1×6=6

a) Floating plants—— ——

b) Animals give us wool—— ——

c) Natural resources—— ——

d) Liquid substances—— ——

e) Two colours—— ——

f) Two season—— ——

7. Write the difference between. 2×5=10

a) Water plants and land plants.

b) Living things and non-living things.

c) Potential energy and kinetic energy.

d) Solid and liquid.

e) Force and work.

8. Answer the following questions. 2×12=24

a) What is matter?

b) Write any two properties of air.

c) What are planets?

d) What does forest give us?

e) What are sense organs?

f) Write the two common characteristics of mammals?

g) Why plants do not take carbondioxide at night?

h) Write any two functions of root?

i) Write any two characteristics of living things.

j) Write any two functions of skeleton system.

k) What are pulses used for?

l) How do fish breath?

9. Define the following terms. 2×5=10

a) Energy b) Chlorophyll

c) Solid d) Body system

e) Environment

10. Write short notes on. 3.5×2=7

a) Eye b) Digestive system

11. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of life cycle of fish.5.5

The End

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