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Class 6 Science Question | Science Questions

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Class 6 Science Question | Science Questions

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 6 students. Try to answer these questions on your own so that you build up confidence in Science. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class 6 Science Question


Level Subject Year
Lower Secondary Science 2077

Attempt all questions.

1. Define physical quantity, measurement and SI unit.[1×3=3]

2. What is speed? Write its formal and SI unit.[1×3=3]

3. What is lever? Name the types of liver with examples.[1+2=3]

4. A steel ball sinks in water but floats on mercury, why? [2]

5. Write any two difference between pulley and wheel and axle. [2]

6. What is LJ work and LW power.[1.5×2=3]

7. Write any three difference of heat and temperature. [1×3=3]

8. Which is light? Write any two difference of luminous and non-luminous bodies.[1+2=3]

9. What is transmission of sound? In which medium sound does not

travel? [1+0.5=1.5]

10. What is magnet? Write any two uses of magnet. [1+2=3]

11.Draw a well-labelled figure of simple cell.[3]

12. Write the SI units of mass, density, velocity, time, temperature,


13. The length of a brick is 30 cm, breadth is 20cm and volume is 9000cm3. Find the height of the brick? [3]

14. The density of substance is 4.5gm/cm3, find the mass, if the volume is 40cm3.[3]

15. Convert 50ºc into ºF.

16. What is circular motion? Give four examples of circular motion.[1+0.5×4=3]

17. Write any three properties of magnet. [1×3=3]

18. What are the properties of matter? [0.5×6=3]

19. Write any three difference between physical and chemical change. [1×3=3]

20. How is it possible to put air in the tire of a bicycle>[2]

21. What happens when soda water is heated? [2]

22. What is solution? Name any four solutions.[1+0.5×4=3]

23. What is metal? Write any two properties.[1+1×2=3]

24. What is alloy? Give any two examples with composition.[1×3=3]

25. Iron is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Why? [2]

26. What is cell? Write any two difference between plant and animal cell.[1+2=3]

27. Mitochondria is called powerhouse of the cell, why? [2]

28. List the various organelles found in cytoplasm. [0.5×4=2]

29. Write any three properties of water.[1×3=3]

30. Define water cycle and water pollution[1.5×2=3]

31. What is rock? Write the different types of rock with examples. [1+2=3]

32. Write any three uses of rocks.[1×3=3]

33. What are planets? Name all planets.[1+2.5=3.5]

34. Write any four difference between sun and earth.[1×4=4]

35. Fill in the blanks.[1×5=5]

a) Diameter of the moon is about…………. km.

b) Diameter of the sun is about…………… km.

c) Diameter of the earth is about……………km.

d) The distance between the earth and moon is about…………

e) The temperature rises upto 130ºc at day and ………..ºc at night on the moon.

The End

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