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Class 5 Symphony Question | Fifth class Symphony Paper

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Class 5 Symphony Question | Fifth class Symphony Paper

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 5 students. These questions will help students to practice English and build up confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. Try to answer these questions on your own . Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class Five Symphony Question


Level Subject Year
Primary Symphony 2077

A. Answer the following questions.[2×15=30]

1. Why did Imran tugg his sleeve down?

2. What did Bobo do at the Lake?

3. What happened to princess Hakeda?

4. How were the glasses magic?

5. Who is called the “Lady or the Lamp”? Why?

6. Why is there no English Tea?

7. Who is Aelous? Which war did they fight

8. Why was Mrs. Mouse busy?

9. Why was Dolley alone outside?

10 Why were the dolls running away?

11. How did the children feel when they sat in the teashop?

12. How did Florence take care of the dolls?

13. What happened at eight O’clock?

14. What was the tortoise tired off?

15. How did Mrs. Mouse try to close the suitcase?

B. Make sentences by using the following words.[ 5]

i. overjoyed ii. imagine iii. remember

iv. destroy v. good manner vi. perform

vii. enjoy viii. determined ix. develop

x. control

C Create conversation between two friends on the topic “my best pet animal dog” in about one full page.[ 5]
D. Write short speech on the topic ‘student Rights’. To be delivered for five minutes. [5]
E. Write an application to your principal through the class teacher as you are not going school for 3 days because you are going to hospital. [ 5]
F. Read the following passage and do the activities that follow

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is Nepal and it is called Sagarmath in Nepali, which means “whose head is the sky” and Qomolangma Feng in Chinese which means “Sacred mother of waters.” It is 8,848 meters high. Tensing Norgay Sherpa form Nepal and Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand were the first people to climb Mount Everest. They climbed it in 1953 via the southeast ridge. Men from several different countries climbed it after that. The summit was reached via the west ridge by a US team in 1963, the southwest face by a British team in 1975. Junko Tabei, Japanese from Hok Kaido, was the first woman to make this difficult climb. A Tokyo newspaper-television company organized the Mount Everest climb in 1975. They choose 15 women from mountaineering clubs to 90 to Nepal. The group climbed for several days. Then there was an avalanche. The heavy ice and snow injured ten of the woman who then had to stop climbing. The other five continued.

A. Answer the following questions.[ 2×3=6]

1. When did the first climbers reach the top the Mt. Everest?

2. Who were the first people to climb Mt. Everest?

3. What injured ten of the women?

B. Write the events that happened in the following dates. [2]

i. 1963 ii. 1975

C. What is the suitable title for the given paragraph? List the two verbs from the passage which are in past participle form.[ 2]
G. Fill in the blanks with the past forms of the verbs in the brackets. [5]

i. I…………..(watch) television sometimes.

ii. My mother………….(prepare) lunch yesterday.

iii. Beljina………….(works) hard to pass last year.

iv. We…………(are) enjoying picnic last year.

v. Rita…………….(cuts) the paper into pieces.

H. Write whether the following statements are true or false.[5]

i. Florence was an intelligent girl since her childhood.

ii. Dr. Elizabeth Black well was the first lady to study medicine.

iii. Makeda was not feeling well.

iv. Peter was singing the sweet song.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>v. Max did not find …………

vi. Dennis finally knew low to fly.

vii. Mrs. Mouse was busy in collecting nuts and berries.

viii. Kanga was searching for her slipper.

ix. Alarm went at 5 O’clock.

x. Finally, Florence became successful in her dreams.

I. Arrange the following letters in proper order in order to make them sensible. [5]

i. I can’t eat any more. I’m………………..(lufl)

ii. A tortoise is………(wols)

iii. I’m 1 meter 35………..(lalt)

iv. That answer isn’t right. It’s……….(nowgr)

v. The opposite of good………..(dab)

J. Match the words with their opposites. [4]




Young————————– gentle

Speedily————————–worthless stuff




K. Rewrite the following sentences by using contractions. [6]

a. He is returning tomorrow.

b. He will help you.

c. He would prefer to stay back.

d. She is furious.

e. She will take the next bus.

f. She had lost the first game.

L. Tick (√) the best answer.[5]


p style=”text-align: justify;”>a. The tortoise was tired of his………….

i. life ii. speed iii. size iv. look

b. After he took off his shell, the tortoise felt………….

i. happyii. angry iii. heavy iv. sad

c. When he saw the hornet’s drone, he…………..

i. ran awayii. cried for help iii. hid beneath the stone iv. hid behind trees.

d. Simon swapped the last pair of shoes for

i. a green apple ii. a flute iii. lots of money

iv. a pair of magic glasses.

e. Princesses Makeda fell………….

i. downii. over iii. sick iv. fever

M. Change the infinitives into a gerund and underline it. [5]

a. To run is a good habit.

b. To climb mountains is good exercise.

c. To eat too much makes one fat.

d. To fly by night is safe nowadays.

e. To write with the left hand is difficult.

N. Fill in the gaps using the words below. [5]

When, as, though, after, that

a……………I was younger. I was naughty.

b……………he was not there, I spoke to his brother.

c. He finished first…………he began late.

d. Tell them…………I will come.

e……………..the rain was over, the sun came out again.

The End

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