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Class 4 Symphony Question | Fourth class Symphony Paper

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Class 4 Symphony Question | Fourth class Symphony Paper

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 4 students. These questions will help students to practice English and build up confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. Try to answer these questions on your own . Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class Four Symphony Question


Level Subject Year
Primary Symphony 2077

A. Answer the following questions. [2×15=30]

1. Where do some of the animals come from?

2. Who prepared the shoes for the shoemaker?

3. What kind of person was Tom as a little boy?

4. How is spring a “blossomy” season?

5. Where was Teddy going with his father and mother?

6. How did God create the birds?

7. When was Pele born? When did his father retire?

8. Why did the king kill the dog, Gellert?

9. Why did the poor farmer give the king a turnip?

10. What do the paleontologists study? Why?

11. How did Mrs. Smith look?

12. Who did Peter live with?

13. Why was Grandfather angry?

14. Why is Mt. Everest a special mountain?

15. Who has the first woman to climb Mt. Everest?

B. Write whether the following statements are true or false. [ 10]

1. The animals come from different countries.

2. Fresh fruit and juice are available at the zoo.

3. Tom had to experiment hundreds of times before he succeeded.

4. As soon as he could speak, Tom began to ask questions.

5. Dinosaurs are found in some parks.

6. Dinosaur Skeletons are displayed in museums.

7. There was once a king who had twelve beautiful daughters.

8. Mrs. Smith was a healthy person.

9. Mount Everest is the second highest mountain in the world.

10. Mt. Everest lies in Nepal and it is called Sagarmatha in Nepali.

C. Choose the connect words and write down these sentences.[ 5]

a. Mrs. Smith was an (unkind, unselfish, unhappy) mother.

b. She was a (good, bad, untidy) housekeeper.

c. She looked (loosely, carelessly, carefully) after her children.

d. She worked so (neatly, hard, fast) that she became (ill, bad, angry).

e. When she (wrote, returned, traveled) her family gave her a (cold, sudden, hearty) welcome.

D. Change the nouns to adjectives by adding the ending-y [5]

a. The dog is …………….(thirst)

b. This is…………vegetable soup. (water)

c. It was a very………speech. (word)

d. We like to have…………teeth(pearl)

e. Our…………..curry is very popular. (spice)

E. Fill in the blanks using the following words.[ 10]

a long way, toppled out, turned on to, hopped away, scampered, flew off, led the way, to his surprise, stay for, coming through

a. It was………………to silver Lake.

b. Father………….. a narrow trail.

c. Teddy……………..of the car.

d. Some rabbits…………………as Teddy looked on.

e. The rabbits……………..after speaking to Teddy.

f. The woodpecker…………….leaving Teddy done.

g………………..Teddy saw a real bear coming towards him.

h. Big bear……………….to silver Lake.

i. Mother saw Teddy and Big Bear………….the trees.

J. The Teddy family asked Big Bear to………the picnic.

F. Create conversation about ‘Final exam” in about one page. [5]
G. Make sentences by using the following words.[5]

i. sorry ii. excuse me iii. please iv. excellent

v. dinosaurs vi. dangerous vii. Best viii. delicious

ix. swing x. children.

H. Underline the words that have the sounds /i∂/ and /u∂ [5]

i. The doctor is sure to cure you.

ii. The poor tourist was lost.

iii. The pier was full of furious swimmers.

iv. The real diamond ring cheered the bride.

v. Surely the beer in this inn is clear and pure.

Write the continuous form or the following verb. One has been done for you.[5]

i. eat-eatingii. laugh iii. cook iv. giggle v. write

vi. speak vii. run viii. come ix. walk x. perform

J. Write a letter to your principal requesting him two days leave as you are going to hospital.

k. Write the comparative forms of the following example, Maya is thinner than Usa.


i. fastii. fat iii. long iv. bad

v. small vi. slow vii. good viii. beautiful

ix. dirty x. dangerous

l. Write the antonyms of the following words. [5]

i. good ii. beautiful iii. fast iv. come

v. dayvi dawn vii. big viii. sat

ix. sleep x. laugh

m. Write the paragraphs about your school. Use the following clues. [5]

Beautiful – good facilities- attractive building – sufficient classrooms – spacious rooms – well trained – teachers – teaching learning activities.

The End

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