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Class 6 Symphony Question | Sixth class Symphony Paper

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Class 6 Symphony Question | Sixth class Symphony Paper

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 6 students. These questions will help students to practice English and build up confidence in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. Try to answer these questions on your own . Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class Six Symphony Question


Level Subject Year
Secondary Symphony 2077

All the candidates are requested to write the answer in their own words as far as practicable. Handwriting must be neat and clean. Answer sheet must be fair with margin on either side.

A. Answer the following questions.[15×2=30]

1. What did the man from Kabul want to know? What did the Vendor say?

2. What did the people feed on early days? How were the crickets finally killed?

3. How did the cloud help the earth-creatures?

4. What type of questions did Akbar often ask Birbal?

5. What did the Lilliputians do before they freed him?

6. What happened when the beast came to life? Define common sense.

7. Describe the physical features of unicorn.

8. What did the House-doer promise?

9. Who killed the otter’s babies and why?

10. What happened in Europe in the 14th century?

11. How did the young man tackle the ghosts?

12. Who was Louis Braille? How did he hurt his eyes?

13. What were the father and mother like?

14. How does Maria usually spend her days?

15. “Jane was the person for the job.” How?

B. Write meaning for the following idioms.[10]

i. out of circulationii. fall on deaf ears

iii. gentle as a lambiv. fit like a glove

v. keep (sth) under your hatvi. Over the moon

vii. war of wordsviii. Easier said than done

ix. smell a rat x. save (something) for a rainy day

C. Write the synonyms for the following words.5

i. pioneers ii. starvation iii. outstanding iv. astonishment

v. flattery vi. curious vii. Pity viii. vender ix. Hospitable

x. contaminated

D. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements5

1. Common sense saved the second scholar.

2. Akbar was always surrounded by men of wisdom and learning.

3. Pink Rosebud lived in a dark house under the ground.

4. The cloud saw the earthly creatures suffering in the hot.

5. See Gulls helped to destroy the crickets.

6. Fomorians were having dark hair and dark eyes.

7. Wisdom is always wiser than strength.

8. The lion leaped down into the well after the other lion.

9. Time marcher on continuously.

10. We should fight for our Human Rights.

D. Create the conversation on the topic “parents Day” in about one full page.[5]

E. Complete the sentences by putting the verbs in the preset perfect or the past perfect.[5]

i. You can have that newspaper. I ………(finish) with it.

ii. There is no more food. We…………(eat) it all.

iii. I was really tired last night. I…….(had) a hard day.

iv. The bill isn’t right. They ……..(make) a mistake.

v. Don’t you want to see this programme? Its…….(start).

F. Make sentences by using the following words.5

i. Microphone ii. halfway iii. audience iv. murmur

v. attentive vi. fascinated vii. Instrument viii. portable

ix. measure x. believe

G. Choose the correct answer.[5]

a. The passage says that………………have been symbols of both good and bad luck.

a. Unicorns b. cats c. bats

b. The word unicorn refers to the animal’s.

a. hoofed feetb. color c. one horn

c. Ancient Greek and Reman myths often described the unicorn as

i. lucky and powerfulii. pretty and friendly

iii. pure and innocent

d. During the middle ages, people believed the unicorn’s horn could be used as a kind of

i. medicineii. poison iii. make-up

e. A person who makes watches and clocks is called……..

i. horologistii. horology iii. horologer

H. Write an essay on any one of the following topics in about 200 words.[7]

i. Good manner

ii. My aim

iii. My best friend

I. Write the past participles of the following verbs.3

i. runii. eat iii. write iv. engage

v. performvi. sleep

J. Study these expressions and put them into the two columns in the table: the expressions of apologies on the left and the responses on the right. [5]

Don’t worry about it. Forget about it. I accept your apologies. I apologies. Please forgive me. I beg your pardon. I must apologies for what I said. I’m sorry. It’s Okay. Never mind. Sorry about that.[5]

Expressions of ApologiesResponses to Apologies

K. Write a speech on the topic “Child Rights” to be delivered for five minutes.[5]
L. Read the following passage and do the following activities.

The honeybee is one of the man’s best friends. It has been valued for countries as the course of honey. However the honeybee’s greatest value is the role it plays in distributing pollen among plants.

In olden days farmers in the USE took pollination for granted when they discovered that honeybee colonies placed near their fields doubled and trembled the crop yield; they gained a new respect for the busy bee. Now in the USA beehives are moved from crop to crop as needed, and farmers are glad to pay the services. When a bee finds a particularly rich source of nectar and wants to tell his fellow-workers the good news, he goes into a special twist dance. The movements tell other bees hero far to reach the nectar-landed bloomed and in what direction. The number of turns indicates the distance and the direction is given in relation to the sun!

I. Give short answer to these questions. 4×2=8

a. In what two ways are honeybees our best friends?

b. What did the USA farmers discover about honeybees?

c. What are beehives done in the USA?

d. What two messages does a bee tell to other bees?

II. Give an antonymn/synonym of the following words. 2

a. discovered (synonym)

b. value (antonym)

c. gained (antonym)

d. far (antonym)

The End

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