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Class five GK Question | GK Questions

Class five GK Question | GK Questions

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 5 students. These questions will help students to practice GK in their own home. Gk questions will set the basic knowledge about society, economy, culture, religion, history etc. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class 5 GK Questions | GK Questions



GK Questions for Class 5

Class Five

Model General Knowledge Questions

  • Attempt all the questions

    1. Fill in the blanks: 5

    a) A …………. is a poisonous fastest moving snake of the world.

    b) Tilicho Tal is situated in ……….. district.

    c) …………. is the second largest peak of Nepal.

    d) The chief of the supreme court is …………..

    e) ……………was the first Nepali lady pilot.

    2. Match the following countries with their capital 5 cities or people.

    • Australia Lisbon
    • Portugal Canbera
    • Denmark Tehran
    • Iran Denis
    • MalaysiaLybian
    • Kwalalumpur

    3. Tick the correct and cross the wrong statements. 5

    a) Hohan Shumsher was the last prime minister of Rana Dynasty.

    b) There are 54 air ports in Nepal.

    c) Naubishe-Pokhara 200 km. long highway is named siddhartha highway.

    d) 55 windows Darbar was built by Bhupatindra malla.

    e) Sugouli Treaty was adopted on 19 Falgun 1872.

    4. Write the meaning of the following words: 5

    a) urology

    b) Plastic surgery

    c) Radiology

    d) Neurological surgery

    e) Psychiatry and Neuralogy

    5. Write down the full form of the following: 5

    a) MBBS

    b) SAARC

    c) NTC

    d) IGP

    e) INGO

    6. Answer the following questions: 2×10=20

    i) Which is the smallest SAARC country on the basis of area? Write it’s area also.

    ii) Who was the first lady prime minister of Europe?

    iii) Which is the biggest desert of the world?

    iv) What were the names of Buddha’s family members?

    v) What is the famous dance of Jumla and Dolpa?

    vi) What is the literary name of Tirthaman Aryal?

    vii) Which is the loudest sound making insect?

    viii) Where is the living place of numbat?

    ix) What is called the baby of chimpanzee?

    x) How many spokes are there in the sun of our national flag?

    7. Explain in your own words about the importance of reading general knowledge subsect in 50 words. 2.5

    8. Write a paragraph about SAARC. 2.5

    The End

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