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Section Officer Question 2076 | Section Officer Aptitude Test Question

Section Officer Question 2076 | Section Officer First Paper Aptitude Test Question

Dotnepal presents Public Service Commission Section officer questions for those who are in need for their preparation of Section Officer, Nasu, Kharidar exams both in Loksewa and different institutions. Section Officer question papers for non-technical officers are useful for you to analyze the trends of questions asked by PSC. Section officer exam is considered as one of the toughest exams conducted by Public Service Commission. The exam was held in 2076.10.25

Section Officer First Paper Question 2076


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Section Officer Question 2076 1

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Section Officer Question 2076 2

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Section Officer Question 2076 3

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Section Officer Question 2076 4

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Section Officer Question 2076 5

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Section Officer Question 2076 7

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Section Officer Question 2076 8

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Section Officer Question 2076 9

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Top Scoring Secrets in Competitive Exams



  1. Attempt at least 80% Questions.
  2. If you don’t know the answer but options are very easy, choose the hardest and unique option which you haven’t heard or read before.
  3. Make guess only after reading the Question. Don’t let any questions unread. Remember, the first guess is likely to be correct for most of the times.
  4. If you haven’t heard the question before, don’t let it go without reading the options. You may use elimination method and guess the correct answer through options.
  5. If you don’t know the answer but can eliminate two options, then the third option is likely to be correct not the “none of the above”.
  6. If you know the two options are correct and other two don’t, it is most probable to be “all of the above”.
  7. Time is always important in MCQs, so don’t get stuck in questions that you don’t know. Just skip the question if you don’t know the answer.
  8. If you don’t know and time has run out, just count the options a,b,c,d and hit the option which is less used.
  9. If you don’t have much time option ‘c’ and ‘b’ are likely to be used in answers so make use of it.
  10. Section Officer Syllabus

    1.First +Second+Third+Fifth (Nyaya), Pararastra Paper  Download
    2.Fourth Paper (Optional Subjects):  Download
    2.Fourth Paper (Optional Subjects):  Download

    Section Officer First Paper Note

    If you’re preparing for Loksewa competitive exams, dotnepal presents you with the demon materials that can boost your knowledge for the section officer, nasu, kharidar preparation. Dotnepal welcomes for those willing to get government jobs. The exams are held by Public Service Commission Section Officer, then you’re welcome to visit our website and take free General Knowledge and Aptitude Tests. Dotnepal presents Section Officer Handouts: Exam Preparation Notes for Officer, Nasu, Kharidar First Papere specially targeted for Public Service Commission Section Officer. The note copy resembles the Gyaneshwor Bhattarai’s book General Knowledge but you’ll find it more charming. That is why I call it Mini Gyaneshwor. If You’re interested in reading online, you can download it on free !!! The file is available on pdf (Portable Document Format).

    Follow the link to download PDF for Administrative Aptitude Test.

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