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Class Four Social Studies Question | Class 4 Questions

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Class Four Social Studies Question | Class 4 Questions

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 4 students. These questions will help students to practice Social Studies in their own home. Social Studies questions will set the basic knowledge about ethics, morality, good behaviour, respect for parents and social norms and values of life. This will eventually create a dutiful citizen in the future. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class 4 Social Studies Question


Level Subject Year
Primary Social Studies 2076

Class Four Social Studies

1. Choose the correct answer: [6 ]

a) Galileo made an instrument named

  • Telephone
  • Telescope
  • Typewriter

b) The place where the Buddhist mediate is called

  • Temple
  • Church
  • Gumba and Vihar

c) Nepal lies between

  • India & china
  • India & Pakistan
  • China& France

d) The ancient name of Bhaktapus is

  • Bhadgaen
  • Patan
  • Kantipur

e) Sukra Raj was born in

  • 1950 B.S.
  • 1995 B.S.
  • 1997 B.S.

f) The famous painting of Leonardo Vinci is

  • The last supper
  • Mona Lisa
  • Horesman

2. Fill in the blanks [7 ]

a) Galileo proved that the ………… revolve round the sun.

b) Newton discovered the law of ………… .

c) …….. go to the temple for puja.

d) …………. was a famous Hindu king in the history of India.

e) Leonardo dies in …………

f) Lincoln studied ……… but he did not become a lawyer.

g) Jupiter has…………. moons.

3. Answer the following questions (Any ten) [3×10=30]

a) What do you understand by neighbours? which countries are the neighbours of Nepal?

b) What does the India import?

c) Where and when was Gautam Buddha born?

d) Write few line abut the food habit of hilly regions.

e) Which evil in American society pinched Lincoln?

f) What were the chief areas of Leondardo’s work?

g) What are Satellites?

h) What are the main aim of SOS?

i) Who was Gangalal? When and where was he born?

j) What did Newton prove that sunlight?

k) Name of the natural attraction of Pokhara.

l) Describe the climate of Terai.

4. Write True or False [6 ]

a) The full form of SOS is save our soul.

b) The 2nd October is celebrated in India as Independence day.

c) New Delhi is the capital city of India.

d) There are five Vedas.

e) The last supper shows Jesus Christ at supper with his disciples.

f) Nepal was divided into five development region in 2029.

5. Match the following: [6 ]

a) War is a ……was the first Kirat King

b) Yalamber……is very fast

c) Our universe…..Independence in 15th August

d) Islam is …….sign backwardness

e) India got …..is kingdom of sakyas ….followed by Muslim

f) Kapilbastu

6. Write short notes on: [2×3=6]

a) My favourite festival

b) Pokhara

7. Give long answer (any two) [10 ]

a) Draw a picture of Nepal and show three regions on it.

b) Describe the social life of Indian people.

c) When was UNO established? What are the main organs of the UNO?

8. Complete the following table: [6 ]

Things associated with religion Hinduism Buddhism Christinity Islam

Place of worship

Sacred or holly book

9. Write the date of the following; [6 ]

a) Sir Isaac Newton born:

b) Abraham Lincoln born:

c) Dasarath Chand dies on:

d) Araniko died on:

e) SOS was established on:

f) Einsten won the Nobel prize on:

10. Differentiate between Terai region and Himalayan region. [4]

11. Name the following [6 ]

a) The father of nation of India.

b) The nent-door neighbours of India.

c) King janaka’s daughter:

d) Last Kirat king of Nepal:

e) Siddhartha’s real mother:

f) Mithila is also known as:

12. Write right fold paths of Buddhism. [4 ]

13. Write the name of seven continent. [3 ]

The End

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