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Class Three Social Studies Question | Class 3 Questions

Class Three Social Studies Question | Class 3 Questions

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 3 students. These questions will help students to practice Social Studies in their own home. Social Studies questions will set the basic knowledge about ethics, morality, good behaviour, respect for parents and social norms and values of life. This will eventually create a dutiful citizen in the future. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class 3 Social Studies Question


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Class three Social Studies

Attempt all the questions: [3×10=30]

a. What were the two boons which Kaikeyi asked Kind Dashrath for?

b. How did Sugriv help Ram?

c. What does the word ‘Diwali’ mean?

d. Why did Buddha go from one village to another?

e. What did the teacher encourage to do?

f. what was Mahatma Gandhi’s real name?

g. What did Jaysthiti Malla introduce in the country?

h. How did King Jayasthiti Malla reform society?

i. How long did the Lochehhavis rule in Nepal?

j. When is Durga Puja celebrated?

2. Re-write the following sentences correctly.[ 5]

a. Religious our is country a country

b. In people of the most Nepal speak Nepali

c. Is beautiful a Nepal country

d. Capital Kathmandu is Nepal of the

e. Villages together towns or in live men

3. Choose the correct answer from the options. [5]

a. Nepal is bordered by……… and ………. (Bhutan, China, India, Pakistan)

b. We should not ………. with each other. (fight, hate, held)

c. We go to the market for …….. (reading, shopping, looking)

d. A year has ………..days (340, 350, 365)

e. The father of the king Tribhuvan was (Prithivi Bir Bikram Shah, Mahendra Bir Bikram, Dipendra)

4. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. [5 ]

a. ……….. is the most important festival of muslims.

b. Siddhartha was married to …………..

c. Mohan Das never ……… anything from others.

d. Mandev had a good knowledge of ………

e. In Terai, it is easier to grow…………..

5. Write ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. [5 ]

a. Meghnath was Ravan’s son.

b. The Christians do not go to church.

c. Maya Devi was the mother of Siddhartha.

d. Suddhodan was the king of Japan.

e. mahatma Gandhi was born on Oct 2, 1969.

f. Jayasthiti Malla punished thieves and bad people.

g. Mandev introduced Mahendra malla coins.

h. We should be truthful and honest like Gandhi.

i. The post box is white in color.

j. We can avoid accidents.

6. Match the following: [5 ]

  • Day is the time    bank
  • Postman          in hotels
  • loans        in the palace
  • tourist stay        brings letter
  • the king lives     between sunrise and sun set

7. Write the names of Ram’s younger brothers. [3]

8. Write the names of the three queens of Dasharath. [3]

9. Make sentences from given words. [5 ]

Agriculture, noble, respect, decorate, ruled

10. Write the name of any eight things made in cottage industries. [4 ]

11. Write 5 way to avoid accidents. [5 ]

12. Write short notes about agriculture in Nepal.[5 ]

13. Write long answers.

i. How does rain fall? [5 ]

ii. What does the heavy rain fall cause?[3.5 ]

14. Differentiate between: [5 ]

a) Land and water

15. Write the date of the following: [6 ]

a. Christmas fallson

b. Mahatma Gandhi born on

c. jayasthiti Malla died in

d. Democracy falls on

e. The lichchavis ruled for

f. Gautam Buddha born on

The End

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