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Class Five Social Studies Question | Class 5 Questions

Class Five Social Studies Question | Class 5 Questions

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 5 students. These questions will help students to practice Social Studies in their own home. Social Studies questions will set the basic knowledge about ethics, morality, good behaviour, respect for parents and social norms and values of life. This will eventually create a dutiful citizen in the future. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class 5 Social Studies Question


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Class five Social Studies

Attempt all the questions:

Group A

Select the best alternative answers:

1. What percentage of land is occupied by Himalayan region in our country?

a) 20

b) 17

c) 15

d) 68

2. A famous place with 55 windows in Bhaktapus was made by …….

a) Ari Malla

b) Jaysthiti Malla

c) Pratap malla

3. What are the three main organs of the government?

a) Legislative

b) Executive

c) Judiciary

d) All mentioned above

4. Nepal is divided into many small administrative divisions because:

a) It helps to smooth running of development.

b) It needs support from the people.

c) It is a positive aspect of the government

d) None

5. The biggest zone according to population is ……….

a) Janakpur

b) Karnali

c) Bagmati

d) Koshi

6. The soil of Kathmandu is koown as:

a) Debris

b) Glacial

c) Sandy-stony

d) Lacustrine

7. ………. percent of land is occupied by forest in Nepal.

a) 44

b) 64

c) 56

d) 46

8. Sugauli treaty was concluded in ………… AD.

a) 1816

b) 1618

c) 1716

d) none

9. Anglo-Nepal war was broke out during the time of ….

a) Amar Singh Thapa

b) Bhimsen Thapa

c) Bhakti Thapa

d) Bahadur Shah

10. A plateau is a …….

a) High land

b) Low land

c) flat low lands

d) high land with a flat top

11. The Red Cross Society was established on …. in Switzerland.

a) 27th Dec. 1805

b) 27th Oct, 1863

c) 28th Dec. 1863

d) 21st Jan, 2004

12. Upanayan Ceremony means……….

a) Marriage festival

b) putting sacred thread and recites vedic verses by made child.

c) worshipping girl as a goddess

d) none

13. Community lives symbolize for ………..

a) Group lives with different castes

b) A group of people former by sharing the common interest.

c) Limited number of people

d) Group of educated people in a society.

14. The SAARC is an organization of …… co-operation.

a) International

b) National

c) Regional

d) All

15. SAARC logo symbolized for ……..

a) peace and co-operation

b) Sub-continent of Asia

c) Economic progress

d) Self-help

16. If the education day is Falgun 12, which is called the Martyr’s day?

a) Poush 4

b) Magh 16

c) 14th Ashar

d) Ashar 23

17. The average width and length of our country is ..km

a) 885,193

b) 888,195

c) 995,83

d) 885, 192

18. Which one is not possible by water resources?

a) Hydro-electricity

b) Solar power

c) Irrigation

d) Preparing meal

19. Iron is found not only in ….. among the four places given below.

a) Nuwakot

b) Fulchoki

c) Ramechhap

d) Narayanghath

20. United Nation Organization was established on ..1945

a) 24th Oct

b) 27 Dec

c) 19th May

d) 12 Oct

Group B

Attempt all the questions from this group. Priority will be given to creative answers in marking.

1. Answer the following questions:[5×6=30]

a) What is the function of the WHO? What does WHO stand for?

b) Write any five objectives of SAARC?

c) What do you understand by rotation and revolution? Define the leap year in one sentence.

d. Name all the continents and oceans of our earth including any two main uses of sear or oceans.

e. Describe the heroic deeds of Bhakti Thapa against the war with the British in the ort of Deuthal?

f. Describe in short the different kinds of industries.

2. You a member of your family. Everyone deserves the response or duties towards his/her family. Now, write any five duties of your own. [5]

3. What do you mean by community? What role does a community can play in our life? [5 ]

4. Write the name of 6 principal organs of UNO. And explain any five of them. [10 ]

5. Imagine that you are a daughter/son of a farmer in hilly region. Ten years ago, your father was so poor, he had hardly a piece of land but now he has enough land to farm. However land-slide makes him unhappy during all rainy seasons. How can you save your family from natural calamities? Is it good to cut down the trees and add the pieces of land? [5 ]

6. Draw a map of Nepal according to the scale given below:

Rectangle AB:20cm, BD:10cm, CD, 20cm, AC:10cm, and paralldogram AE:3.5cm, AH:3.5cm, FD:3.5cm and DG:3.5cm. And separate three natural regions by lines.

The End

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