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Class Six Social Studies Question | Class 6 Questions

Class Six Social Studies Question | Class 6 Questions

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 6 students. These questions will help students to practice Social Studies in their own home. Social Studies questions will set the basic knowledge about ethics, morality, good behaviour, respect for parents and social norms and values of life. This will eventually create a dutiful citizen in the future. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class 6 Social Studies Question


Lower SecondarySocial Studies2076

Class Six Social Studies

Attempt all the questions:

Group A

Select the best alternative answers from the list. Wrong answers guess will deduct 20% marks from whole.

1. What was the famous coun of Lichhavi period?

a) Rupees

b) Dollar

c) manak

d) leather coin

2. The holybook of Kirats was……….

a) Arthasastra

b) Mundhum

c) Gita

d) Kuran

3. Sthunko was the 14th king of Dynasty.

a) Abir

b) Lichhabi

c) Kirata

d) Shah

4. There are ….. peaks above 8000m in Nepal.

a) 13

b) 15

c) 18

d) 9

5. Bangladesh became an independent country in ……

a) Dec 1971

b) Jan 2004

c) Oct. 1947

d) None

6. India is a big country with a terriotory of ….. sq. km.

a) 32,87,732

b) 32,87,782

c) 1,47,181

d) None

7. SAARC was established in ……..

a) 1995

b) 1975

c) 1985

d) 1945

8. Pakistan was separated from India in ………AD.

a) 1967

b) 1947

c) 1991

d) 1943

9. The first conference of SAARC was held in………

a) India

b) Nepal

c) Bangladesh

d) Bhutan

10. A foreigner can get citizenship of Nepal by living legally for …….. years.

a) 14

b) 15

c) 19

d) 8

11. Which is the problem of a society?

a) Girl’s trafficking

b) Drinking alcohol

c) Struggling

d) All

12. Devihc Rejje means……..

a) Forward in education

b) Poor condition

c) KIngdom of Islands

d) Capital of Maldives

13. The full form of NATO is …….

a) Nepal Art testing Org.

b) Nepal and Tibbet Office

c) North Atlantic Treaty Organization

d) None

14. Traditional Industries that are carried in village are called …….. industry.

a) Small business

b) medium

c) Tourist

d) Cottage

15. The bus driver scold by telling ‘black dog’ to …..

a) Bhimsen Thapa

b) Martin Luthar King

c) Mahatma Gandi

d) Pratap Singh Shah

16. Gandi was sent to England to study……..

a) Law

b) Politics

c) Grammar

d) Economics

17. The main cause of conflict between Bahadur Shah and Rajendra Laxmi was….

a) Mis-understanding

b) Selfish behaviour

c) Over confidence

d) None

18. Christmas falls or …….. every year

a) 27th march

b) 25th December

c) 8th May

d) 15th January

19……….. is a unique bird which is only found in Nepal.

a) Lophophorus

b) Dove

c) Spiny Babbler

d) Penguin

20. The biggest hydro-power project of Nepal is….

a) Kulekhani

b) Sunkoshi

c) Kaligandaki

d) Trishuli

Group B

1. Answer the following questions (Any five)

a) What are the infastructures of development? Explain the relation between communication and transportation.

b) What was the condition of black people in America when Martin Luther King was born?

c) How did the society come into existence? Write in a paragraph.

d) What are our social problems? Give any two ways of get rid of them?

e. How a foreigner can get the citizenship of Nepal? Write any five conditions.

f. Write any five aims and objectives of SAARC.

2. Write short notes on: (Any two) [5×2=10]

a) India

b) Agriculture

c) Community

3. Answer in detail (Any one)

a) What do you mean by industry? Explain all kinds with their advantages or importance.

b) What do you mean by festivles? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of celebrating festivles.

4. Imagine that you are in very much poor family and un-educated. Your father is drunkard and mother is sick. What kinds of problems you are facing now a days? How can you get rid of those problems and make your family unique one?

5. Draw a map and separate the physical features of one of SAARC countries. [5 ]

5. Draw a map and separate the physical features of one of SAARC countries. [5 ]

The End

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