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Class Seven Social Studies Question | Class 7 Questions

Class Seven Social Studies Question | Class 7 Questions

Dotnepal presents model Question papers for class 7 students. These questions will help students to practice Social Studies in their own home. Social Studies questions will set the basic knowledge about ethics, morality, good behaviour, respect for parents and social norms and values of life. This will eventually create a dutiful citizen in the future. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Class 7 Social Studies Question


Lower SecondarySocial Studies2076

Class Seven Social Studies

Attempt all the questions:

You have to select the best alternative answer from the list in group ‘A’. 20% deduction will be made for wrong answers in total marks.

Group ‘A’

1. The word ‘malla’ means…

a) couragious

b) loving

c) wrestling

d) dynasty

2. Almost all kinds of crops can be grown…….a year in terai region

a) once

b) Twice

c) Thrice

d) None

3. Eastern Development Region consists of ….. zones and ……. districts.

a) 5 and 15

b) 2 and 12

c) 3 and 16

d) 2 and 13

4. If Emu runs instead of flying, what does kangaroo do?

a) also runs

b) hops only

c) crowls more

d) sleep silently

5. ‘Aborgines’ are the native people of ……

a) Australia

b) Europe

c) Canada

d) Great Britain

6. Molten rock in the mantle is called……

a) Golden rock

b) Magma

c) Lacastine

d) Crust

7. ‘Minos’ is the name related to ………

a) ruler of crete

b) land which is very low

c) place of heaven

8. The producer of alphabet were known as

a) Hittites

b) Sumerians

c) Phoenicians

d) Egyptians

9. Which one is not the type of Nepal forest’s name?

a) sub-tropical evergreen

b) Tropical evergreen

c) Deciduous monsoon

d) Evergreen coniferous

10. Which one is the essential thing to maintain ecological balance?

a) Forest

b) Air and water

c) National parks

d) Animals and human beings

11. Glacial soil means ……….

a) Mixture of sand and stone pieces

b) Alluvial

c) Fertile soil

d) Sandy and gravelly soil

12. ……….. percent of the total annual income of our country comes from agricultur.

a) 12

b) 62

c) 66

d) 69

13. Which one we cannot export?

a) Jute

b) wood

c) salt

d) butter

14. Which was the first country to establish diplomatic relationship with Nepal.

a) U.K.

b) U.S.A.

c) U.A.E.

d) U.S.S.R.

15. Pancha-sheela keeps it’s member states away from ..

a) War

b) dispute

c) conflict

d) all above

16. The total area, length and width of Nepal is …sq.km.

a) 147,181,145,885

b) 147,181,885,193

c) 147,281,245,885

d) 147,181,145,192

17. Who was called the ‘lady with the lamp’

a) Sita

b) Florence Nightingale

c) Janaki

d) Laxmi

18. The founder of ‘Charkha Pracharak Mahaguthi’ was …………

a) Bhimsen Thapa

b) Tulsimehar

c) Jay prithib

d) None

19. Jaya Prithivi Bahadur Singh wrote…in the given list.

a. Muna Madan

b) Baldodh

c) Charumati

d) ‘Bhut’

20……….. is the distance of Kuringhat to Manakamana cable cars.

a) 3.15

b) 3.10

c) 3.1

d) 3.7

Group ‘B’

1. Answer the following questions (any five) [5×5=25]

a) Explain the different characteristics of our economic life in brief.

b) Write and explain any five problems facing by land lock countries like Nepal.

c) What are the five principles of panch-sheela? explain.

d) Write any five points about what Nepal should do to develop like Australia and European countries?

e) What do you mean by democracy? What kinds of demerits you have seen in democracy of Nepal.

f) What is the importance of good health and quality education?

2. Give long answer (Any one)

a) What are the infastructures of development? Explain any five of them briefly and insert the disadvantages of communication too.

b) What do you mean by soils? How can we consentrate water and soil? Explain.

3. Write short notes: (any two) [5×2=10]

a) Mesopotamiya

b) Area of social studies

c) Malla Dynasty

4. Imagine that you are a girl of age 14. You married before a year with rich boy. In the new family you felt humiliation and eloped with another boy who sold you in Mumbai India. Now explain what kinds of problems did you face? How did you get rid of the problems? Now what you are doing? Who was responsible for all this? Did you punish the criminals? What is you massage to our poor society?

5. Draw a map of Australia and insert the place given below:

Lake Eyre Basin,Murray Dafling Barin,Carpentarian , low land, The westen Basin, Eastern hilly lands

The End

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