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The Fisherman Mourned by His Wife: Interpretation and Analysis

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The Fisherman Mourned by His Wife: Interpretation and Analysis

Writer:           Patrick Fernando

Born:              1931

Nationality:   Sri Lankan


In this poem, wife is lamenting on the death of her husband who dies before he reached thirty. His skin did not get the sign of ageing nor was he obsessed with the death. He used to come home, having finished his work in the sea. Her husband has gone in the prime of his life leaving his beloved wife alone.

In the second stanza of the poem, she confesses the secret which she had for the long time. She obsessed that love and affection did not deny her to her husband rather it was the elder’s persuasion that compelled her to get married. Even in the first night of their marriage, she was more worried about her virginity than her love.

Concluding part of the poem deals with her bitter and daring confession when the fisherman remains at home during monsoon she was with the child. But she could not break this news to her husband joyfully or happily. Her face was wan, her voice was low. The low voice and wan face indicate that she has done something wrong. Husband was full of guilt for marrying her and did not know whether to rejoice or repent over the situation. But of attraction, he comes back to the home despite the fact that other people have understood their reality. The words like: wan face, low voice, guilt, rejoice or repent indicate that she has begotten other child. Despite this temptation, this woman is mourning for the untimely death of her husband. She has deceived once though even in the beginning of their relation still she has the affection for her dead husband.

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