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Interpretation of Phenomenal Woman

Interpretation of Phenomenal Woman

Writer:       Maya Angelou

Born:          April 4, 1928

Write an interpretation of the poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ in your own words.

A visible black female autobiographer, Maya Angelou, wrote this poem describing the qualities of a remarkably good or great woman. Since she is describing herself and remarking her figure as a phenomenal woman, the poem is very much closer to a description of autobiography.

She claims that she is not beautiful and cute woman nor a model.  People do not believe her statement. She walks in the room, speaks with a soft voice, the males move around her like bees near the hive. She cannot find out why they are moving around her. She does not expose her inner quality nor can they attack over her dignity. They cannot say anything about her inner mystery. She has all the qualities a woman can have like smiling, way of walking etc. By having all these qualities, she is a phenomenal woman. Because of some certain evidences and logics, the males can feel themselves proud when they observe her. She tries to present herself as a phenomenal woman not through her outer beauty or body structure but with the combination of internal and external factors.

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