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Interpretation of Prakash Subedi’s At the Temple

Interpretation of Prakash Subedi’s At the Temple

Writer:          Prakash Subedi

Education:     M.A. in English Literature

Nationality: Nepali

Place:            Temple

Time:             Mostly in the Morning

The poem moves around the activities of worshippers and the priest in the location of the temple. Temple is the holy place where the people are supposed to worship god and think about soul and spirituality but pious human act has been polluted by the monetary relationship. Both the worshippers and the priests have forgotten god and focused to their attention towards the coins. A religion is the spiritual thing which requires the purity of the body and soul. But today’s man soul is barren but hand is full of coins with which one wants to guarantee the presence of god and speaker feels that this act of throwing and collecting of coins will go forever. After all, it is not the fear of today but the fear for tomorrow.

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