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LLB third year Internship | Nepal Law Campus Sample Internship

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LLB third year Internship | Nepal Law Campus Sample Internship


It is compulsory to submit Internship paper for the Bachelor of Laws in third year students. The students in the third year are required to submit a internship proposal. After the submission of the proposal, you’ll have to wait until the campus passes your proposal. When the proposals are collected, they will be assigned to a guide/ supervisor. After which, students have to consult with the supervisor and make a thorough study on the topic proposed or the supervisor may correct your title and you’ll have to organize your study accordingly.

After the topic is finalized, you’ll need to collect reviews and other materials that support your argument/ hypothesis which ultimately gets proved. You claim has to be genuine and your study as well. In order to avoid duplication/ piracy/ intellectual theft, you should be aware that you do not copy the entire study, text or research paper; even if you copy something from a research paper, you’ll have to cite them in you Bibliography at the end of the study. The Bibliography should be in the following format:

UNESCO (2006), A Report on Forms and Patterns of Social Discrimination in Nepal, UNESCO Office, Kathmandu.

When you start making a study and collecting information as required, you just don’t copy the text but note the detail information about that book/report/study or thesis/dissertation. If you need to cite a person in your study you’ll have to cite in the following way:

Wolff, Howard and Pant, P.R. (2000). A Hand Book for Social Science Research and Thesis writing. Kathmandu: Buddha Academic Publishers and Distributors.

Now, I hope you’ll get some idea about doing a research paper for the LLB third year. If you’re looking to study the sample paper, you just need to click on the link give:

Click here to download: Internship Proposal LLB 3rd year

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