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Summary of Homraj Acharya’s The Kerosene Stove

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Summary of Homraj Acharya’s The Kerosene Stove

Writer:          Homraj Acharya

Education:     A graduate of the University of Colorado (USA)

Nationality: Nepali

In this poem, a miserable life that faces a number of hurdles has been very wittily illustrated. Despondency, extreme poverty, unemployment, repression and struggle for survival have been some of the key themes of the poem. In this regard, a kerosene stove has been a proper metaphor for the wretched life in Nepal. The speaker bears the persona of frustrated degree holder in Nepal. He describes his kerosene stove in the beginning of the poem. Here, his life is compared with the kerosene stove. As the kerosene stove has no home, the speaker also does not have good residence and has no money to buy a mosquito net, perhaps. Though he has B.A., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed. and L.L. B, he has to struggle a lot to sustain his life. So is the case of Nepalese people. They are gathering the certificates but it does not guarantee any job; and if they got any, that is not sufficient for the livelihood. If that is so, what is the worth of education if it cannot earn even daily bread and butter? This is the bitter truth about the most of jobs in Nepal. People are not paid the expected or what they are worthy of.

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