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Krishna Bhusan Bal’s The Wind of Chaitra: Interpretation

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Krishna Bhusan Bal’s The Wind of Chaitra: Interpretation

Writer:          Krishna Bhusan Bal

Born:             2004 B.S.

Nationality: Nepali

Education:    B.A.

Awards:        Pratibha Puraskar,

                    Byathit Kabya Puraskar, etc.

‘The Wind of Chaitra’ analogically stands for the revolution of the people. The revolution destroys the established order of society. That is to say, it questions the social norms and the values. It reshapes the cause of history. It brings the day of prosperity, happiness and the social justice. It heralds the new day. It implants the seeds of optimism. The people have fought the revolution which has brought the new day of optimism. But that optimism alone is not sufficient. From the revolution the title may change, heads of the government may change but the essential characters of the society are not changed. For the change in the human characters, wisdom is indispensable. Therefore, poet is praying god to grant wisdom to the mankind.

Towards the end of the poetry, the speaker uses the expressions ‘Beware of fire! Beware of wind!!’ Those expressions convey the message that the up coming generation has come up of with the wind of Chaitra if this generation does not improve itself. In this sense, the poem ends with a note of warning.

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