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Theme of Siegfried Loraine’s Memory

Theme of Siegfried Loraine’s Memory

Writer:             Siegfried Loraine

Born:                8 September, 1886

Nationality:     English

Write the theme of the poem “Memory”.

In this poem, the speaker is comparing his bygone days and the present days. To him, bygone days were very sweeter, happier and joyous than those he is struggling now. He imagines his childhood, freedom to do anything and the glorious days which he had. He remembers everything he experienced in life and recalls his past days. But now he is sad and his heart is heavy-laden because he has grown into an elderly age. He is sitting beside the fire and burning his dreams away. The realization of death has made him wise, bitter and strong. He is becoming wise with the knowledge that everyone has to die once. He is bitter because he has lost all the things as well as his friends he had. He is strong in the sense that he is aware of the death conscious. Though he is living between the parentheses, he wants peace of home.

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