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Theme of James Stephens’ The Watcher

Theme of James Stephens’ The Watcher

Writer:                James Stephens

Born:                   1882

Nationality:        Irish

The poem mainly deals with the strength of love and friendship which is inevitability of departure. The speaker is reporting the joys and sadness of a homestead. Both the rose and the ring for the bridegroom and the bride bring joy for the homestead. According to the poet, love is an activity in which one gives a heart for an old friend and a hand for the new. It brings joy of heaven to the earth. It is known to one and all that happy to meet and sorrow to leave and so is the case here. A smile for the parting and a tear as they go. Here, bride and bridegroom are symbolically compared with the cloud or rain. The cloud and rain bring new life. Likewise, the bride and bridegroom are the medium to bring new life or new creation. After all, the lover and the beloved meet each other and there comes joyous moments.

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